How to Help a High-Functioning Alcoholic

High-functioning alcoholism is as serious as other types of alcoholism, and sometimes even more so. It’s challenging to convince a high-functioning alcoholic to get help because they usually don’t think they have a problem. A classic alcoholic sees the physical and situational impact of alcohol abuse. Their problem...

Why Is Drinking a Badge of Honor for Men?

You’ve decided to get sober, either as the result of an internal or external desire to turn your life around. Perhaps you were in danger of losing your job, family or freedom. There may have been a compelling thought that “enough is enough.” (more…)...

What the Way You Drink Says About the Way to Stop

If someone suggested you give up drinking, how would you respond?No way. I’m no fun when I’m sober. I don’t drink that often. I just drink a lot when I do. I don’t think I could. It’s my nature. It’s not interfering with my life, so why stop? It helps me more than it hurts me.The answe...

The Impact of Alcohol in the Movies

Does seeing alcohol consumption in the movies trigger adolescents to try alcohol or consume more than they would normally otherwise? A recent report published in the journal Pediatrics believes so. It states that 15-year-olds who watched a higher amount of alcohol consumption in films are influenced by what they see. ...

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