The Genetics Behind Addiction
The Genetics Behind Addiction

January 28th, 2016 Blog
Researchers believe a complex mixture of genetics, family history, social history, and environment combine to influence each person’s propensity for addiction. You are not a product of your genes, but your genes can influence how quickly you become addicted to substances. Looking for the Addiction Gene Research more...

How the Heroin Epidemic is Affecting Rehab Centers
How the Heroin Epidemic is Affecting Rehab Centers

January 14th, 2016 Blog
There has been a sharp rise in the number of heroin addicts since 2012, and the effects are being felt at rehab centers nationwide. Since 2012, heroin deaths have risen by 39 percent. Where are the new heroin addicts coming from? Surprisingly, they are suburban parents, teens, and young professionals. Many become more...

The Deadly Consequences of Alcohol Abuse in College

January 5th, 2016 Blog
These days, it seems that alcohol is everywhere. From billboards to television to online ads, we’re constantly bombarded with imagery depicting alcohol and its use as a fun and occasionally glamorous pastime — but this is far from the truth. Unfortunately, college students are taking these advertisements to heart i more...

The Dangers of Drinking During the Holidays

December 24th, 2015 Blog
The holidays are quickly approaching, and along with the joy and festivity that fills the air, something else seems to spike during this time period: drinking. Whether it’s out of celebration or to cope with the in-laws overstaying their welcome, data shows both drinking and alcohol-related incidences rise over the h more...

understanding pennsylvania's heroin epidemic
Understanding Pennsylvania’s Heroin Epidemic

December 24th, 2015 Blog
Did you know that about 3,000 Pennsylvanians have died over the past five years because of opioid abuse, or that an astonishing 80 percent of people using heroin first became addicted to a prescription painkiller? With heroin in Pennsylvania costing less than beer, heroin abuse is an epidemic that crosses every social more...

does holistic rehab really work
Does Holistic Rehab Really Work?

December 10th, 2015 Blog
“Holistic” means “of or pertaining to the whole.” Holistic rehabs such as Clarity Way treat all aspects of an individual’s addiction, whether they be psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual, or behavioral. What can you expect from this kind of care, and will it keep you sober for good? Holistic Rehab more...

The Effects of Drug and Alcohol Abuse on a Family

December 2nd, 2015 Blog
Going through weeks, months or years of drug or alcohol abuse takes a huge toll on the person suffering from a substance abuse disorder. They need support and care and they need to give and accept forgiveness from those they love — but how can the people closest to an individual struggling with addiction cope wit more...

The Cost of Your Drinking

November 30th, 2015 Blog, Infographics
Alcohol is a regular ingredient in most people’s social lives. Whether you meet a friend or a date for drinks after work, pass a bottle of wine around the table at a dinner party or stock a cooler with beer for your barbecue, consuming alcohol seems like an innocent, habitual pleasure. However, when you add up more...

Is Secondhand Alcohol Dangerous?
Is Secondhand Alcohol Dangerous?

November 19th, 2015 Blog
Chances are you know all about secondhand smoke. You may not have heard about the dangers of secondhand alcohol, however, yet you may already be a victim. Learn more about secondhand alcohol, and find out why your loved one’s drinking problem may be costing you more than you think. Problems Associated with Secondh more...

The Evolution of Cigarettes in One Big Puff [Infographic]

November 17th, 2015 Blog, Infographics
http://www.clarityway.com/Over the past century, significant social and political events have contributed to the evolution of cigarette usage rates in the U.S. The percentage of U.S. adults who smoked gradually decreased over the years. In the 1940s and 50s, the rate was at 43% and 44%, respectively. By 2010, that more...
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