Alcohol & Aggression: A Reason to Seek Drug and Alcohol Counseling

Alcohol & Aggression: A Reason to Seek Drug and Alcohol Counseling


For many years, it has been common knowledge that alcohol can cause aggressive behavior. Family members of problem drinkers and even the casual observer can usually relate to stories of violence occurring after a drinking binge.

In the last 20 years, many scientific studies have emerged that back up anecdotal stories of the connection between aggression and violence. These studies illustrate why drug and alcohol counseling is so necessary for addicted individuals.

The Link Between Alcohol Use and Aggression

The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that alcohol is related in up to 70% of all violent crimes, including murder, rapes and assaults. Nearly 75% of violent crime victims report the perpetrators were under the influence of alcohol.

Researchers theorize that alcohol encourages aggression because it inhibits the portion of the brain that controls impulsive behavior. Another research finding shows when alcohol is consumed, the drinker expects to feel more aggression. In studies this expectation affected behavior, regardless of whether alcohol or a placebo was consumed.

Aggression and alcohol use are so commonly co-occurring that it’s difficult to determine which factor is the cause. In some cases, it appears that violent behavior is only present with alcohol use. This idea suggests that treatment of alcohol addiction can effectively prevent violence.

Alcohol Treatment and Its Effect on Aggression

The statistics and research show a large relationship between alcohol and violence. Because aggression and alcohol use are so interconnected, it is crucial that alcohol addicts seek alcohol counseling. Prevention of aggressive acts may very well start with treatment. Once the alcoholic is sober, counseling can address any issues with aggression.

Alcohol addiction creates many difficulties in life, including an increase in anger and violence. Alcohol counseling can help solve these problems. If aggressive behavior is an issue for you, seek help. Clarity Way provides an exclusive alcohol counseling program that can help you find your path to recovery.

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