Do You Use Alcohol or Drugs As a Coping Mechanism?

Do You Use Alcohol or Drugs As a Coping Mechanism?

Using Alcohol or Drugs As a Coping Mechanism

During difficult times, some people use alcohol or drugs to cope with life’s ills including but not limited to abuse, anger, guilt and death. Before these harmful and potentially devastating methods of dealing with stress become entrenched, it is important to develop healthy means of coping.

The Downward Spiral into Addiction

In the beginning, it may seem harmless enough to reach for a tranquilizer or glass of wine in an attempt to numb emotional pain. However, as this coping mechanism becomes a habit, people start to depend on these substances to get them through every day. As their body develops tolerance, they find they need to take greater amounts of alcohol or higher doses of drugs to produce the same mind-numbing effects. Eventually, this habit can become an addiction.

A Better Way

At the very onset of stress, learning healthy coping mechanisms can prevent you from ultimately needing substance abuse treatment. Regular exercise can be a wonderful stress reliever and mood enhancer. Since studies show that physical workouts can elicit the release of “feel good” chemicals in the brain, exercise is recommended during emotionally taxing times.

Reach Out

In addition to exercise, it is important to reach out to family and friends for support. Even if the significant others in your life do not have answers for your problems, you will feel better venting and expressing your feelings to someone you trust.

Although it is comforting to share your troubles with your personal support system, you may have found the healthy coping systems simply an add-on to current addiction and need professional help. Exclusive alcohol counseling or drug counseling can be of immeasurable value. Such counselors can discover the root issues involved in the stresses in your life and guide you into healthful ways of addressing them. The staff at Clarity Way is imminently qualified in this area.

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