The Benefits of a SMART Recovery

The Benefits of a SMART Recovery

The Benefits of a SMART Recovery

The SMART Recovery 4-Point Program provides self-management training for people who are addicted to a wide variety of behaviors, including substance abuse, gambling, and other destructive habits. It can be the ideal strategy for those who have tried 12-step programs before without success but are still committed to a life of abstinence. Learn more about how you can sustain a SMART Recovery — and how Clarity Way can help get you there.

The 4-Point Program

The SMART Recovery 4-Point Program teaches people who are committed to sobriety how to change self-destructive addiction habits through positive thinking, actions, and emotions. Successful participants learn that living a safe and sober lifestyle results in long-term fulfillment and satisfaction. Unlike the decades-old 12-step education programs, the Recovery Training method used by SMART leverages the latest scientific discoveries as well as accepted addiction science.

The tools and techniques used by SMART comprise four steps. The first, Point 1, teaches the addict not just how to build but also how to sustain a life-lasting motivation to abstain from destructive habits. The second, Point 2, acknowledges the likelihood of temptation and teaches the addict meaningful strategies to cope with inevitable relapse urges. Point 3 asks the addict to practice managing the feelings and thoughts that accompany the urge to relapse, while Point 4 reminds the addict that living a balanced lifestyle is the surest route to life-lasting abstention.

How Clarity Way and SMART Recovery Work Together

Clarity Way is committed to providing a family-focused and progressive approach to sobriety in a community-oriented environment. We understand that although a 12-step education mold might work for some clients, it doesn’t work for every client. That is why we work closely with the SMART Recovery team to provide every Clarity Way drug and alcohol rehab client with the best opportunity to achieve a life-lasting sobriety. The wide array of treatments we provide lets us tailor a treatment response to your specific needs.

Clarity Way and SMART Recovery are proud to provide evidence-based treatment for a range of addiction problems. If you are suffering from addiction, explore how Clarity Way can help you get a fresh start today.

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