Can I Quit Drinking Cold Turkey?

Can I Quit Drinking Cold Turkey?

Can I Quit Drinking Cold Turkey?

Alcoholism is a dangerous disease that affects millions of Americans every day. It is a powerful psychoactive drug that is available in most restaurants and homes around the country, and it can be difficult to believe that you or anyone you know needs to stop drinking.

When your little voice is telling you that you are teetering on the brink of addiction, it is time to stop. Before you quit alcohol cold turkey, ask yourself these questions.

How Much Do I Drink?

Alcohol is a drug that causes physical addiction. That means a person who is addicted to alcohol must continue drinking to function normally.

If you find yourself drinking in the morning, at work, or in your car — and you must drink to avoid withdrawal symptoms — you need professional help quitting. Without help, withdrawal symptoms can be extremely severe.

If I Am Not Physically Addicted, Can I Keep Drinking?

That depends. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention define safe drinking for healthy adults as no more than one to two drinks per day, and no more than 14 drinks in a week. Older adults and those who take certain medications may be advised to avoid drinking completely. If you are unable to control your alcohol consumption to within safe limits, you need help.

What Happens If I Quit Alone?

If you consume large amounts of alcohol on a daily basis, you may find unassisted withdrawal unpleasant. Physical symptoms such as vomiting and nausea, hallucinations, shakiness, and insomnia can persist for several days or longer. Anxiety and cravings also occur. In the most serious cases, seizures can develop.

If you drink heavily on a regular basis and want to quit, get professional help. Unassisted alcohol withdrawal in heavy-drinking cases can be fatal.

Getting Help

If you are consumed by thoughts of drinking, have noticed professional and financial problems spiraling out of control, or are suffering from the effects of damaged relationships, it is time to get help. Clarity Way provides safe and effective detox care that makes withdrawal more comfortable. In rehab, you will address the reasons you started drinking while building the foundation for a stronger, healthier future.

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