What Brooke Meuller Learned about Inpatient Drug Rehab … As Can You

What Brooke Meuller Learned about Inpatient Drug Rehab … As Can You


The decision to seek out help with your substance abuse problem is a brave first step that helps you to find your path to recovery. Inpatient drug rehabs are the favored solution of the wealthy and the famous, and for very good reason.

Just look at Brooke Mueller, the ex-wife of Charlie Sheen. While she originally decided to attend an outpatient facility, she quickly realized that long-term treatment in an inpatient program would better help her to maintain sobriety. In a statement, her representative pointed to a lack of distraction and the ability to avoid the media spotlight as the drive behind this decision.

Even those who do not live under the glare of the paparazzi’s cameras will find that inpatient treatment is often the best option. In addition to a structured environment that allows for constant restoration of your mind, body and spirit, inpatient drug rehab allows for you to take time away from the stresses and strains of your daily life so that you can lay a solid foundation on which to build your recovery.

As a client in our small group (no more than 17 clients are in the rehab program at any given time), you receive the individual attention, support and feedback you need. Attending an inpatient program allows you quick access to our staff, so that you can work with us to constantly evaluate your progress. If a particular approach is not working, then we can work together to try something new.

By spending time as a long-term resident, you can form a rapport with our staff and make a connection that can be maintained once you leave Clarity Way. We are committed to providing you with a personal, tailored Aftercare Program that builds on the foundation that you developed with our clinical team. Take the first step on your path to recovery now, by seeking out inpatient drug rehab with Clarity Way.

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