Meth Addiction Grows as Attention to Problem Fades

Meth Addiction Grows as Attention to Problem Fades


With prescription drug abuse at the forefront of many conversations surrounding substance abuse, less visible substances, including methamphetamine, have fallen from popular discussion and discourse. In an article published by Lakeview Health Systems, they argued that while meth use is on the rise, attention to its dangers are fewer and far between, doing nothing to help curb a growing problem.

Methamphetamines also pose an incredible problem because they are highly dangerous, addictive, and can have immense long term consequences for the user, including a withdrawal period of up to a year. It also has drastic mental and physical side effects that destroy the user’s body at a staggering speed.

The drug can be taken in a variety of forms and, with the right tools and knowledge, can also be created in private homes and properties, causing potentially disastrous consequences if the lab were to explode due to the highly flammable chemicals and processes used. Also, due to its incredibly addictive nature, relapse is an unfortunately common occurrence.

With all that is known about meth, it is clear that the use of a rehab facility to attain initial sobriety could be a great advantage in a person’s battle against addiction. Because meth is so addictive and has such a high rate of relapse, withdrawing from the drug in a safe, medically supervised environment is a positive first step toward recovery. Clarity Way offers 24-hour on-site medical detox services as well as medical care for all patients going through the recovery process. And as with any substance addiction, Clarity Way utilizes therapy to seek out underlying causes for the drug use and can help clients acquire the tools necessary to continue on their path of recovery once they leave treatment.

Although it is still a long, difficult process, we feel that focusing on both your mind AND body during treatment, especially where an addiction to meth amphetamines is concerned, will ultimately lead to a healthier, safer you.

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