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Phencyclidine, commonly called PCP or angel dust, is a habit-forming, former dissociative anesthetic that drug abusers use for its hallucinogenic effects. Created by a pharmaceutical company in the late 1960s but halted for clinical use because of its dangerous side effects, recreational PCP abuse peaked in the 1970s. PCP is significantly more dangerous than other similar drugs such as ketamine and nitrous oxide. Users ingest, inhale, or smoke the drug, which can cause numbness, mania, and psychosis. PCP is also sometimes sprayed on marijuana or commonly used kitchen herbs such as mint, parsley and oregano. PCP has a long half-life, meaning it stays in the human body longer than many other drugs. Those who use PCP regularly should contact Clarity Way’s PCP rehab for a medically supervised detox treatment program, as withdrawal symptoms and recovery are difficult.

Clarity Way provides individuals who struggle with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol with a progressive, holistic recovery strategy in a small, community-oriented environment. We will custom design a thorough and supportive recovery program specifically for your needs. Each Clarity Way client receives the benefits of 10-15 individual sessions per week, in addition to small group therapy sessions that foster a sense of bonding and belonging. From Art Therapy and Biofeedback to Motivational Interviewing Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Clarity Way’s experienced and qualified therapists can help you or your loved one reengage with a sober and fulfilling lifestyle. Learn more about PCP and addiction here, and find out how you can rebuild your family’s lifestyle lives at Clarity Way.

The Short and Long Term Effects of PCP

PCP is a white or colored powder known on the street as angel dust, rocket fuel, supergrass, happy stick, wet stick, embalming fluid, wet, and wack, among others. It easily dissolves in alcohol and water, and it’s sometimes added to other drugs such as marijuana, methamphetamine, and LSD. It has a chemical taste and appears in capsule, powder, and tablet form. Users can snort, inject, ingest, or smoke PCP and its effects depend on how much the user takes. Intoxication and numbness in the limbs are common, as are slurred speech, staggering, poor balance, and bloodshot eyes. Convulsions and an anesthetic effect are observed at higher doses. Users also suffer from depersonalization, paranoia, aggression, unpredictability, bizarre and violent behavior, illusions of strength and power, and suicide ideation. Many PCP users engage in self-mutilation or self-injury and perform destructive acts on property. Feelings of detachment or disconnection from reality are common. Because treating PCP addiction medically is absolutely critical, seeking a medically controlled detoxification environment is of the utmost importance.

As the user becomes more and more addicted to PCP, the user suffers from severe negative changes in ego as well as body image. The user becomes increasingly paranoid and disconnected from reality. Hallucinations and feelings of euphoria or suicidal impulses are common, as are violent and sometimes bizarre demonstrations of aggression. Regular PCP users also enter a psychotic state that mimics schizophrenia, which can last for several months. More long-term effects include amnesia and seizures as well as skin dryness and redness. Adolescents who use PCP may find it interferes with growth, development and learning.

PCP Rehab at Clarity Way

Those who suffer from PCP addiction must seek medical help immediately in a rehabilitative environment. A medically qualified PCP detox center will help a user withdraw from the effects of PCP by regulating breathing, body temperature and circulation as well as manage the psychiatric symptoms of withdrawal. Because the excretion of PCP from the body can take a significant amount of time, inpatient detox and rehabilitation treatment is absolutely essential. Clarity Way’s experienced, qualified staff has helped many PCP users recover from the severe negative effects of addiction. For more information, please call us now at 1-877-548-4794.

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