Struggling with a Spouse’s Addiction

Struggling with a Spouse’s Addiction

Struggling with a Spouse’s Addiction

Is there anything more frightening and worrisome than watching your spouse sink deeper into the spiral of addiction? Although it is often true that an addict must be the one to decide whether or not to seek help, the good news is that you can influence your loved one’s decision through intervention.

Intervention for Drug Addiction

Intervention is a carefully planned and managed process that ideally ends with an addict agreeing to seek treatment. It begins when a family member reaches out to a professional interventionist through a rehabilitation center such as Clarity Way. The interventionist personally interviews the participating family members and arranges a convenient and comfortable location for the intervention. Each participant confronts the addict with the negative effects of his or her behavior and identifies clear consequences that will occur should the addict refuse treatment. Of course, participants also express their collective commitment to helping the addict sustain sobriety during and after treatment. The goal of the intervention is for the addict to recognizes his or her behavior and leaves immediately to seek treatment.

The Most Successful Interventions

The most successful interventions stay focused on the effects of drug or alcohol use, outline a plan with consequences, and refrain from making your loved one defensive. With the strong emotions involved, it is easy for an intervention to lose focus. This is why having a professional interventionist is helpful.

Consider an Intervention as a Process

When loved ones plan an intervention, they have one goal in mind: getting the person struggling with addiction the treatment they need to recover. However, even the most respected interventionists in the field and the most caring, committed family members are sometimes unable to convince an individual that seeking treatment is necessary.

It helps to think of an intervention for drug addiction as a process, not a one-step solution to securing treatment. In fact, even addicts who storm out of an intervention feeling betrayed, humiliated, or ambushed often point to the intervention as a defining moment that planted the seeds of recovery.  The most common outcome in a professional intervention is that the addict seeks help. If your loved one does not accept the help, it does not mean you failed. The intervention can play a key role in your loved one finally accepting the help he or she needs.

Intervention at Clarity Way

Clarity Way partners with many of the field’s most respected and experienced interventionists to help you get your spouse into rehabilitation. Our nationwide network of intervention affiliates will consider your family’s needs during planning and implementation. We can also help you get your spouse enrolled in our holistic detox and rehab program, which only accepts a small number of clients at one time. You will stay involved during the entire process because we believe that close family relationships help an addict stay sober.

The fact is that anyone whose life has been touched by addiction — even Khloe Kardashian — understands the challenge of convincing an addict to seek help. A professional interventionist may provide you with the relief you seek.



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