Recover Comfortably at Clarity Way

Recover Comfortably at Clarity Way

Upscale Treatment Facility Massage

To have a successful substance abuse treatment, you need to be able to devote your whole self to recovery. You can only focus on your recovery if you’re in a comfortable, supportive environment.

Clarity Way is the choice upscale drug rehab center that offers the many amenities you need to feel your best as you begin your lifelong path to recovery.

Small Community

With no more than 17 rehab clients and 6 detox clients at any given time, you’ll have the supportive, close-knit community you want with the access to our caring, empathetic, highly trained medical and clinical teams you need. By keeping our client group small, we’re able to focus on providing you with an individualized treatment plan and process. Clarity Way employs a large Recovery Support Team that provides more one-to-one treatments than most other rehabs in the field. You can receive personalized care that addresses all of the issues related to your addiction — not only help with detox.

We also offer private rooms and plenty of space on our 15 acres of secluded and scenic rolling hills. You’ll have the opportunity to spend time reflecting on your life, the challenges you’re facing and the goals you have for the future. Our serene property and beautiful facility keep you focused on healing and away from the pressures and obligations of everyday life. With state of the art facilities, a gourmet kitchen, delicious food, and a wide range of activities to enjoy, our spa-like rehab center gives you the opportunity to improve your complete health and well-being.

Opportunities for Healing

Our luxury drug rehab focuses on healing all of you … not just addressing your addiction. To do so, we offer therapies and sessions to strengthen your mind, body and spirit. The process begins with medically assisted detox, where our trained Recovery Support Team will help you adjust to sobriety in comfort and safety.

You can avoid or reduce uncomfortable symptoms and feelings as we design a recovery plan tailored for your specific needs. Your recovery plan will unearth the reasons you started using, and evaluate your overall health and well-being. This may include a dual diagnosis assessment or pain management treatment.

Uncover the underlying issues of your addiction while gaining the tools you need to choose recovery through our many therapies, including cognitive behavioral, psychoanalysis, music, art and more. Regain your physical strength with yoga, Pilates or one-on-one sessions with a fitness trainer. And discover your life’s purpose through meditation, spiritual counseling and sessions with a life coach. At Clarity Way, a better future awaits.

Amenities for Comfort

With access to a gourmet kitchen, fitness center and recreation room, you’ll have the amenities you need to feel at home. Comfortability is important as you’re learning to live a sober life. Our amenities include:

  • Pool
  • Tennis court
  • Sauna
  • Full-service salon

Clarity Way also maintains a business center that gives you access to basic office needs such as a printer, fax machine, and Internet service. As you take your first challenging steps down your path to recovery, you’ll do so in comfort and convenience.

You will also appreciate our luxurious living spaces, bedrooms and private bathrooms. If you prefer exclusivity and privacy, The Cottage at Clarity Way is unparalleled. With private bedrooms and a private gym, and space for only 6 clients, you are assured the utmost in comfort.

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