Drug “Crackdowns”: Helpful or Harmful?

Drug “Crackdowns”: Helpful or Harmful?

Drug “Crackdowns”: Helpful or Harmful?

Oxycodone has been a serious drug problem in the state of Florida for years. In fact, in 2010, 90 of the top 100 physicians who purchased oxycodone were from Florida. The prescription painkiller became such a problem in the state that major legislation was passed to strictly regulate physicians and pharmacists distributing oxycodone.

The new regulations have made an impact on oxycodone use in Florida. The drug is significantly more expensive on the streets because physicians are now more reluctant to prescribe it, and pharmacists are more careful to recognize abusers. As a result, oxycodone use is decreasing.

Now, the problem is the use of other drugs is increasing.

Addiction Cannot Be Outlawed

The problem with the new legislation is it only seems to encourage drug users into trying new drugs that are easier to obtain. Instead of using oxycodone, drug addicts in Florida are turning to morphine, hydromorphone and even heroin. Although the regulations discouraged oxycodone usage, users still have a serious addiction they must satisfy.

No law can stop addicts from being addicted. Users will turn to anything available to fulfill the high they feel they need in order to survive.

New Drugs are Dangerous Drugs

The new drug trends in Florida are frightening because using unfamiliar drugs is a risky endeavor. When addicts are using drugs they are accustomed to, they have an idea of how much they can handle and what sources are safe to buy from.

When experimenting with new drugs, users are unfamiliar with the strength and effects they may experience. This can lead to life threatening overdoses. Users may also have to turn to new dealers who may not be trustworthy.

Good Intentions

The oxycodone regulations in Florida were created in hopes of saving the people of the Sunshine State from the devastating effects of painkiller addiction. By making the drug harder to obtain, it was anticipated drug users would give up oxycodone for good.

While the legislation was passed with good intentions, the negative effects cannot be ignored. The oxycodone “crack down” has led users into experimenting with new and more dangerous drugs and seems this law may just be making Florida’s drug problem worse.

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