How Clarity Way Handles Interventions

How Clarity Way Handles Interventions


When the addiction to alcohol is particularly severe, alcoholism treatment centers can provide the best chance for your loved ones to find their path to recovery. The critical initial step is, of course, to successfully guide them into such a program of rehabilitation.

That often means an intervention. You, along with other family members and close friends of the alcoholic, can carry this out on your own. However it is highly recommended that a professional interventionist be involved. It is only natural that such confrontations become quite emotional, and not handled properly, this can easily derail the process.

Here is how Clarity Way can help you in this matter.

Day One – Preparation

Everyone who will be involved (excluding the alcoholic) first meets with the professional interventionist. In this first stage of preparation, the family members or friends can receive some general education on the purpose and mechanics of interventions.

The problem is defined, concerns are discussed, expectations are set, roles and procedures are outlined and any necessary logistics are hammered out. Together with the interventionist, you and your loved ones can determine how best to approach the person and discuss what treatment and other arrangements are most suitable.

This first meeting also provides the interventionist with the opportunity to gain some initial insight into the particular situation, dynamics of the family and the life of the alcoholic. Armed with this knowledge, they will be better prepared for the events of day two.

Day Two – Intervention

All that was planned and agreed to on Day One is then carried out at this point, when the actual intervention takes place. And all the preparations will prove helpful.

There is nothing easy about making someone admit to a problem as difficult as alcoholism. More often than not, those involved will find themselves pulled in various directions of guilt, fear and love. With an interventionist present, there is an objective party who can ensure the process continues until the objective is met.

Your Intervention Expectations

While a professional intervention is the best way to handle a loved one who cannot choose to enter rehab themselves, as with rehabilitation, it is not guaranteed. Speaking to the addicted person in an open, honest setting commonly allows them to realize their addiction’s consequences. In some cases, however, the addiction is too strong and has created too large a gap between loved ones. In this case, it is best to be there for your friend, and let them make the decision to enter rehab independently.

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