why aftercare matters

Why Aftercare Matters

If you have ever been addicted to alcohol or drugs, you know how scary it can be to return to the “real” world after rehab ends. Aftercare bridges the gap between the sanctuary of rehab and the chaos of normal life and is the difference-maker in many recovery stories. Here is why you need to research aftercare carefully before making any decisions about going — or returning — to rehab.

What is the Point of Aftercare?

Getting through the first few weeks of sobriety is tough enough, but when it is time to return home after rehab, you will need to adjust to a new routine — and a lot more free time, temptation, and possibly loneliness. Aftercare provides you with the emotional support you need to know you are not alone and that others are wishing you well. The fact is that individuals with a strong network of supportive loved ones at home are more likely to think positively and stick to the program. These individuals are also less likely to feel isolated, which is a key driver of substance abuse.

What to Consider When Looking for Aftercare

When looking for a rehab center to treat drug addiction or alcoholism, ask:

  • How does aftercare work? Does the rehab center you are considering simply let you leave without an adequate support structure in place? If so, keep looking. The most successful recovery stories always feature a lifetime commitment to treatment.
  • Is the program customized? The aftercare program that works for a high-level executive may not work for a stay-at-home parent. The right rehab center will take the time to understand your specific lifestyle needs and will develop a program that meets your recovery goals.
  • Will your family and friends be involved? Addiction recovery can be isolating, and you will need someone to talk to when you are home. If your rehab center will not include family members or trustworthy friends in the aftercare process, reconsider.
  • Will the program introduce you to local self-help support groups, counselors, or therapists? Many recovering individuals find that continuing to work on emotional healing benefits the sobriety process enormously. Joining a local community can help you feel a part of life again without having to resort to drinking or drugs.

How Aftercare Works at Clarity Way

Clarity Way’s Aftercare program is custom-designed to suit the needs of each client’s individual lifestyle. As your time at Clarity Way comes to a conclusion, the Aftercare team will help you develop a support system at home comprised of loved ones, therapists, self-help support groups, and counselors. Members of the Aftercare team will also check in with you over the phone to see how you are doing. The professionals at Clarity Way believe that staying involved in the lives of our clients improves outcomes — and you are welcome to return if you feel it is necessary. Clarity Way also runs alumni weekends that celebrate sobriety and encourage former clients to recommit to abstinence.

For more information about Aftercare at Clarity Way, contact us today.

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