Celebrity Addictions and Recoveries [Infographic]

Celebrity Addictions and Recoveries [Infographic]


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In recent years, celebrity addictions have quickly gained the attention of the public, and the media has taken full advantage of this new niche, as they look to exploit and dramatize the situations surrounding some of Hollywood’s most popular celebrities. Fortunately for them, these celebrities can find safety and support in some stellar rehab facilities, but not without a cost. Here’s a look at those celebrities, the form their vices take on, the price they pay to get clean, as well as the rehabilitation programs that are their saving grace.

Addiction can hit anyone, no matter how famous, how old or how wealthy. Many people at the height of their popularity, such as Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe and Friends star Matthew Perry, battled addiction while also working on their high-profile projects. Others, such as Charlie Sheen and Robert Downey Jr., struggled very publicly with their addiction, needing several rounds of rehab to eventually get sober.

Sadly, for others, such as gifted singer Amy Winehouse, who famously recorded a song about not wanting to go to rehab, the disease of addiction proves fatal. Though Winehouse had people who cared for her and tried to get her help, she died at the age of 27 of alcohol poisoning.

Where to Seek Help

Celebrities may have more money, fame and Twitter followers than the rest of us, but when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction, in many ways we are all equals. They too must enroll in treatment for their drug or alcohol abuse in order to find the path to sobriety. While they may be able to afford the programs, the only thing that will actually ensure successful treatment is a true dedication to getting sober. You can’t buy that.
When celebrities go to rehab, they will often choose a location in California, as Sheen, Britney Spears and the late Elizabeth Taylor did. Younger stars have headed to Utah, where a month-long stay can cost $49,000 a month. At only $26,000 a month, a drug rehab in Pennsylvania is more economical and has been the choice of stars including former Miss USA Tara Connor and Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler.

Which Celebrities Are Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol?

The thing is, drug and alcohol addiction is an equal-opportunity struggle. Whether you are an actor or a musician, a comedian or an athlete, everyone can be vulnerable to addiction. Even some of the best sports stars, such as soccer star Diego Maradona or basketball player Dennis Rodman, have sought treatment for drug or alcohol addiction.

There is no shame in that. Quite the opposite — it is a mark of strength to realize you need help and seek it out, as those superstars once did. It is never easy to admit a problem, and it can be even harder when you know people are counting on you to win a basketball game, star in a movie or perform a concert. Often those pressures are what lead people to drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism in the first place.
As this infographic shows, anyone can suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, even the most famous people in the world.

Posted on April 11th, 2012 in Infographics

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