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Comfortable, Caring Prescription Drugs Treatment

Our 24-hour, on-site, medical staff provides discreet, safe, medically monitored detoxification in a comfortable, state-of-the-art facility. Our detox team is comprised of physicians, nurses and therapists who help ease the physical and emotional distress of detoxification with around-the-clock care.

The goal during detoxification is to begin healing the body, so clients are prepared to heal the mind and spirit during treatment. At Clarity Way treatment center, our detox team only treats seven clients at a time, so we can concentrate on each individual’s needs. Private detox rooms are available.

The Benefits of Professional Detox

Withdrawal from alcohol and drugs is different for everyone. Symptoms can range from uncomfortable to life threatening, so it is important to undergo this process in the care of an experienced medical team. We give clients the support and medical care they need to comfortably and safely make this crucial first step in recovery.

Once a client safely detoxes from substances, we design an individualized treatment plan that addresses the root cause of their addiction as well as the person’s psychological, physical and spiritual needs.

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