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At Clarity Way, we partner with other professionals in the field to help you get the best services and treatment for your addiction. We appreciate all professional referrals from other specialists. Therefore, if you have a client that needs residential treatment for substance abuse disorders or co-occurring conditions, we can help them with further professional treatment.

We Take Professional Referrals from A Wide Range of Sources

We value our relationships with other professionals in our field or related fields and look forward to partnering with you to improve the life of someone who is suffering from addiction.

With that being said, we take referrals from a wide range of other providers including hospitals, addiction treatment centers, counselors and therapists, medical providers, law firms, military, and EAPs. Regardless of what type of service you provide, we want to ensure that the transition from there to here is a smooth one for your client.

Addiction Treatment Services We Offer

Clarity Way professional referrals allow us to provide continued care for all types of addictions and mental health disorders. We also provide a pain management center in Hanover, PA. Once you refer a client to us, we perform a comprehensive assessment to determine what type of services are most appropriate to treat the condition.

Our services include:

We also offer residential treatment. During the client’s stay, we can provide updates on their progress and treatment as needed. Feel free to follow up with your clients to ensure that they receive the best care. You can schedule appointments to meet with your client and discuss their continued care. You may also have additional questions about our treatment such as:

  • Treatment plans we provide
  • Addictions that we treat
  • Our methods, policies, procedures
  • Our facilities and environment
  • Licensure and certifications

Feel free to ask us any questions about our credentials, history, success rates, methods, or anything else. We understand that you want to trust the treatment center that you refer your patients to.

Why Partner with Our Treatment Center

We understand that you have lots of choices for addiction treatment centers in Pennsylvania. At Clarity Way, however, we distinguish ourselves in several ways.

We offer comprehensive treatment that includes both evidence-based and holistic treatment across an array of therapies and activities. We provide a safe and relaxed atmosphere combined with caring and licensed professionals who have treated countless patients.

The clients who come to us suffer from a variety of addictions and mental health issues. We have the facilities, treatment programs, and staff to handle even the worst addiction cases. All clients have the opportunity to go through a complete treatment plan that includes detox, inpatient/outpatient rehab, and extended aftercare program.

Your patient will receive the highest level of medical care from professionals who genuinely care about their success from start to finish. We are also transparent about both our treatment methods and your patient’s progress. Feel free to contact us at any time to follow up on how they are doing under our care. We are happy to give you a full report.

Contact Us Today to Refer a Client

By working together, we can help your client overcome addiction and lead a life free of substance abuse. If you would like to know more about our treatment program or to refer a client, call Clarity Way at 17172253906. We are here to ensure that your client receives the highest level of care for their addiction with professional referrals.