doctor discussing rehab insurance coverageRehab Insurance Coverage

If you have questions about insurance, then we are happy to answer them for you. We accept many preferred provider organization (PPO) insurance plans in Pennsylvania. Simply call us to find out if our services are included in your rehab insurance coverage. We can go over your policy and let you know precisely what is available.

We work with all insurance providers to obtain the highest level of coverage and reimbursement under your particular plan. Also, you may want to contact your insurance provider to go over the details of your policy. Keep in mind that not all policies are the same. Therefore, make sure you understand your policy before you seek treatment.

Treatment Under Rehab Insurance Coverage

Some of the treatment that we offer that may be covered under your policy includes:

Many of our traditional evidence-based treatment is covered under most Pennsylvania insurance policies. However, some of our holistic or alternative therapies or activities may not be covered under your policy. To find out more, please feel free to ask one of our therapists. They will be happy to go over the details and then make recommendations.

Reviewing Your Insurance Coverage

When you consider your insurance for addiction treatment, then you may want to cover specific questions such as:

  • What phases of drug and alcohol rehab your policy covers (detox, inpatient, extended care)
  • What medications does your policy include that is used for addiction treatment
  • Types of therapy or counseling the policy cover – there are several different types
  • What is the amount of the deductible or copay before the insurance company starts to pay
  • Is Clarity Way currently in the insurance provider’s network – if not, is there a provision for being out-of-network

Once your insurance provider answers these questions, then you may want to contact us to confirm any additional information. For instance, your policy may be vague about the type of therapy or counseling it covers. We can help you identify the types of treatment or counseling that we offer that your policy will take care of.

What is the Difference Between HMO and PPO?

The type of plan you have will make a big difference in what treatment is covered. The two main types of insurance plans are HMO and PPO. What is the difference?


A health management organization (HMO) offers a plan that works within an established network of approved medical specialists. An HMO saves you money but limits which providers are in the network.


A preferred provider network (PPO) is a health insurance plan that allows providers to participate in the network. While you can choose your providers, your premiums may be higher. Your copays and deductibles may also be higher.

If we are not in your network, but you have a PPO, you can add us to your network to get insurance coverage for the services we offer.

Do You Have Questions About Your Insurance?

If you are ready to start your treatment but have questions about your insurance policy, then call Clarity Way today. We offer a wide range of treatments that are covered under most rehab insurance coverage policies. To find out if we are covered under your policy, then call us today at 17172253906. We are here to help you get the help you need for your addiction.