two women encouraging an individual to begin Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in Hanover PASubstance Abuse Treatment Programs

Are you ready to say no to substance abuse? The Clarity Way experience can help. We offer comprehensive substance abuse treatment programs for both alcohol and drug addiction. Our treatment programs include complete detox, residential and outpatient treatment, and ongoing aftercare or alumni programs.

We design each of our programs to take you through every stage of recovery in a way that meets your specific needs. Since your addiction is unique, your treatment should be unique as well. We can help you with the emotional, physical, mental, and social aspects of your recovery.

If you are tired of the effects that addiction has had on you and your family, then contact us and let us help you get your treatment started. You can break the cycle of addiction starting today with our substance abuse treatment programs in Hanover PA.

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in Hanover PA We Offer

We help individuals overcome some of the most intense addictions from some of the most harmful substances. Types of programs that we offer at our substance abuse treatment center in Hanover PA include:

We also offer treatment for multiple substances and co-occurring disorders. Therefore, if you are addicted to more than one type of drug or a combination of drugs and alcohol, we can provide a more extensive detox and treatment program to help you with the challenges of your addiction.

Co-Occurring Substance Abuse Disorders

Although you should address your addiction, there may be underlying issues that are complicated by your addiction or are triggering your symptoms. These may be mental health issues that have never been treated, such as:

  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Personality disorder
  • Trauma/PTSD

We provide dual diagnosis treatment to help you address and manage your mental health condition while also providing full treatment for your addiction. When you get help for both conditions, you are more likely to prevent a relapse.

If you need medication for your mental condition, we can also assess your situation and then recommend treatment through our medication-assisted treatment. Getting the right treatment that we can monitor will keep you from transitioning from one addiction to another.

Pain Management Issues Through Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in Hanover PA

Our pain management services are part of your overall treatment plan. Our board-certified medical director has extensive experience with both pain management and substance abuse disorders.

We use a combination of traditional medical and alternative approaches to help you manage pain without addictive medicine. You’ll take part in medical detox if appropriate. Detox may involve drug tapers and other approaches to ease withdrawal symptoms. Following drug detox, our residential program teaches you coping skills as you learn to manage physical and emotional pain in healthier ways.

Our Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Hanover PA

At Clarity Way, we are dedicated to helping you find the right treatment for your particular addiction and circumstances. From traditional therapy to holistic treatment, detox, and support groups, we cover every aspect of your recovery from start to finish.

To find out more about the treatment options available to you through our substance abuse treatment programs, contact Clarity Way today at 17172253906. We can help you begin your road to recovery.