young woman and therapist discussing how she needs an alcohol addiction treatment center in hanover paAlcohol abuse is taking your life away. We’ll help you get it back. Our alcohol addiction treatment center in Hanover PA provides addiction treatment that’s highly personalized. We create a treatment plan that’s relevant to your life and provides the tools you need to stay sober.

What Is an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Like?

Alcohol treatment and rehab at Clarity Way will be different for everyone. You’ll embark on a customized treatment experience that considers your needs, issues, and preferences. Key components of your time at Clarity Way may include:

Safe and Comfortable Detox

Hanover PA drug and alcohol detox is usually necessary for people with alcohol dependence. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable and even life-threatening. Fear of alcohol detox shouldn’t keep you from entering treatment though. Medical professionals will make sure you’re safe and as comfortable as possible during alcohol detox. Clarity Way’s medical team eases alcohol withdrawal symptoms with research-based medications and alternative approaches. At our alcohol addiction treatment center, we care for you around the clock.

Individual Therapy

Addressing the underlying reasons you’re struggling with alcoholism is necessary to prevent relapse. Individual therapy helps you work through the emotional pain that underlies alcohol abuse with a counselor. You may explore situations from your past or relationship problems that cause distress. When you identify issues that fuel alcohol abuse, you can learn healthier ways of coping with them.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is essential at our alcohol addiction treatment center. You’ll grow to feel comfortable sharing within a group of peers that also struggle with drug and alcohol use. Group therapy helps you improve interpersonal skills and resolve relationship conflicts in a healthy way. You’ll learn the value of open, honest communication. Many clients develop strong bonds with their peers through these experiences.

Mental Health Treatment

Treatment for alcoholism includes psychiatric care. Substance use disorders commonly co-occur with mental health disorders. Alcohol and drug abuse is sometimes a way people try to cope with mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Clarity Way provides expert dual diagnosis treatment. You’ll meet with our psychiatric team to make sure we’re addressing any underlying mental health issues that could be contributing to alcohol abuse.

Alternative Approaches with an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program in Hanover PA

Alcohol treatment at Clarity Way may include alternative approaches. These help you repair the emotional, physical and spiritual deficits left by addiction in different ways than talk therapy. In addition to traditional treatment options like individual and group therapy, Clarity Way rehab centers’ approaches include:

Help for Loved Ones

The entire family is affected by addiction and co-occurring disorders like mental illness. Clarity Way substance abuse treatment in Hanover PA can also include family therapy by request. We also offer a family day once a month. Loved ones learn why addiction and mental health disorders are illnesses. They learn how to best support you in recovery while taking care of themselves.

Home-Like, Soothing Setting

Clarity Way feels more like “home away from home” than an addiction treatment facility. You’ll live in comfortable residences with cozy furnishings and nice decor. Indoor and outdoor gathering areas provide welcoming areas to relax or socialize with peers. Clarity Way treatment center includes extra touches like a seasonal pool, fitness center, hiking trails, sports courts, and kitchen. We also offer a smaller, more discreet residence for high-profile clients desiring more privacy.

Planning Your Return to Everyday Life

From day one we prepare you for your return to life after treatment. You’ll learn relapse prevention skills that will serve you for a lifetime if you choose. Aftercare planning is also part of Clarity Way treatment programs. We connect you with recovery resources that support long-term sobriety. These may include:

  • Appointments with therapists trained in alcohol addiction
  • Appointments with psychiatrists or other medical professionals for medication management
  • 12-Step programs or alternative 12-Step programs like SMART Recovery
  • Referrals to sober-living residences
  • Clarity Way alumni program

Why Seek Treatment at Clarity Way?

Clarity Way strives to make each client’s addiction treatment experience a life-changing one. We want you to walk out our doors as a more resilient and fulfilled individual in a better place to enjoy all life has to offer. Some of the features that make Clarity Way special include:

Evidence-Based Treatment

Treatment at Clarity Way alcohol rehab is grounded in evidence. We use approaches deemed most effective for substance abuse treatment by addiction experts. Clarity Way also offers a number of alternative approaches that complement traditional alcohol treatment. We tackle addiction from all angles so you can heal fully.

Expert Medical Care

Your Clarity Way treatment team includes medical professionals highly experienced in treating complex addiction cases. We often take clients that other treatment centers are unequipped to handle. Some of the issues our clients have struggled with include:

  • Polypharmacy/polysubstance abuse
  • Pain management issues
  • Diabetes
  • Infections
  • Disabilities
  • Methadone addiction
  • PICC lines

Personalized Treatment Plan

Many treatment centers tout individualized treatment, but Clarity Way sets the gold standard in customized care. With a small client population, a wide range of therapies, diversely trained staff and relationships with specialists in the community, we’re able to provide you an exceptional level of personalization.

Discrete, Peaceful Setting

Clarity Way alcohol rehab is tucked in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. You’ll enjoy soothing views of nature and relax in home-like comfort. Our gated campus provides the utmost discretion to do the work of recovery. We also offer a separate, smaller residence for clients that prefer even more privacy.

Progressive Options

Many addiction treatment centers only offer 12-step programs. Clarity Way understands not everyone relates to the 12 Steps. We offer both 12-step groups and alternatives to the 12 Steps like SMART Recovery and Refuge Recovery.

Real-World Recovery

Clarity Way treatment programs don’t keep you sheltered from everyday life. We believe this sets you up for relapse. You’re allowed to use smartphones and computers as clinically appropriate. You can communicate with friends and family. This helps you navigate potential triggers in a safe space with the help of staff and peers in recovery.

Does Insurance Cover an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program in Hanover PA?

Inpatient treatment for alcohol use disorders is covered by many insurances. If your insurance plan includes a behavioral health component, treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction is typically covered. Your insurance plan may be in-network with certain substance abuse and mental health treatment providers. They may also provide some coverage for out-of-network alcohol rehabs. Clarity Way accepts both in-network and out-of-network drug rehab insurance.

The best way to determine your out-of-pocket costs for addiction treatment is to call our experienced recovery advisors. We’ll work directly with your insurance company to determine the type of coverage you have for addiction treatment centers. We’ll provide you a free estimate of alcohol rehab costs.

Change Your Story at Our Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Hanover PA

Entering an alcohol addiction treatment center is a difficult but often necessary decision. Clarity Way’s recovery advisors understand what you’re going through. We want to make this process as hassle-free as possible so you can focus on getting into residential rehab and getting better.

Here’s what happens when you call Clarity Way:

  1. Tell us a little about why you’re entering our alcohol addiction treatment center.
  2. Chat about the Clarity Way experience to determine if it’s a good fit for your needs.
  3. Receive a complimentary insurance benefits check or discuss other payment options.
  4. Decide on the best date to enter inpatient rehab.

Our caring admissions team is available to you from the time you call until you enter our doors. We can help with travel plans or difficult conversations you need to have with loved ones or employers. We’re here for both logistical and moral support. Contact Clarity Way today by calling 17172253906 and begin your next chapter.