When it comes to selecting an alcohol addiction treatment center in the Pennsylvania area, you’ve found your way to the women’s alcohol rehab center. Clarity Way offers comprehensive treatment for many areas of abuse including a distinctive alcohol rehab for women.

Clarity Way Women’s Alcohol Rehab Center

woman distraught over wine in her hand thinking of a women's alcohol rehab center in PAYou or your loved one has chosen to drown their pain in alcohol or bury the pain in drug use. One of our alumni testimonials puts it best: “… I know how to deal with my pain (after treatment)“.  Succinctly, this is the goal of our women’s alcohol rehab center. Furthermore, this is the goal of all of our treatment programs at Clarity. We want to teach you a better way to deal with your pain, as opposed to alcohol or substance abuse. Our women’s alcohol rehab center features a personalized treatment plan, a discreet and peaceful setting as well as progressive options.

Alcohol and substance abuse treatment programs in PA have to be carefully designed to fit the client. Clarity Way is geared toward the individual. Making certain that your needs are being met Is our goal. If something doesn’t work, we’ll get in there and figure out a new, progressive option that will work. Success is a joint effort. We’re here to help you in any way we can.

Why is a Separate Women’s Alcohol Rehab Center Necessary? 

Alcohol Use Disorder or (AUD)  is a more deadly disease for women. Overall, women abuse alcohol at a smaller rate than their male counterparts.  However, AUD is more deadly to women.  The physiological absorption of alcohol is more rapid in women. Consequently, women feel the effects of intoxication more immediately. Furthermore, women have a greater risk of developing chronic health problems due to their Alcohol Use Disorder. Pregnant women are also risking their unborn child’s health as a result of AUD. In a gender-specific setting, these facts can be better addressed.

The Case for Alcohol Rehab for Women

Trauma is another major factor for dividing the sexes when it comes to treatment. Women’s psychologically traumatic experiences with men may have led to their alcohol addiction. Factors such as rape, incest, and sexual abuse where women were victimized by men, (though it is understood that both men and women are victims of these atrocities), can be better addressed in a gender-specific fashion. Group work is more effective, consequently.

The Clarity Way to Sobriety 

Why should you choose a women’s alcohol rehab center at Clarity Way? Our atmosphere is the home away from home that you need to get back to comfort, health, and clarity. Clarity Way in Hanover, Pennsylvania offers multiple substance abuse and alcohol abuse treatment programming to help you or your loved one conquer their addiction. In addition to our alcohol rehab for women, we offer substance abuse and alcohol abuse treatment for both sexes. We also offer mental health treatment for the dually diagnosed client. Our beautiful 15-acre campus offers various recreationally therapeutic activities as well as a clean break from everyday life and stress. You can focus on your sobriety here while getting a breath of fresh, clean air. In addition to our women’s alcohol rehab center, we offer the following programming at Clarity Way:

Your individual strengths are our focus. We strive to be a guide for you to bring them out as you begin to put your life back together. Contact Clarity Way for addiction help. Highlighting your resilience and capabilities are the stepping stones to bring you out from under. Let’s do the work together. Alcohol and substance abuse can be behind you for the duration of your life. Let’s begin the journey together! Call 17172253906 right now.