Do you avoid going to an alcohol rehab center because you are afraid that you will be judged in treatment? Do you fear getting the help that you need for your alcohol use disorder because you do not know what to expect when you go to rehab? These are common issues affecting individuals that need treatment for alcohol, or other addiction treatment services. The professional, empathetic team at Clarity Way understands your concerns. We guide you through every phase of recovery, from detox through aftercare.

Entering an alcohol rehab facility is the ideal step for you to take to regain control over your health, and your life, as you learn to cope with life’s stressors, and the underlying issues that led you to abuse alcohol. Learn more about alcohol rehab centers and how we can help you in your recovery.

What is an Alcohol Rehab Center?

Alcohol rehab centers provide care for people that have an alcohol use disorder. Perhaps your alcohol use started out seemingly innocent, with a couple of drinks with friends or family members, or perhaps your co-workers. Maybe, as you started consuming more alcohol, or began drinking more often, your friends and family members no longer wanted to be around you.

a line up of bottles from a Alcohol Rehab CenterSome people avoid going to alcohol rehab because they do not believe that they have an alcohol addiction. The Clarity Way professional staff members help you understand alcohol addiction, along with how it potentially affects your behaviors, thought processes, your brain, and your overall health.

The alcohol rehab center in Hanover, PA offers a variety of assistance for every person entering through the doors of the comfortable accommodations. You receive comprehensive services once you enter our alcohol rehab center, no matter where you live.

When you enter rehab, you receive a comprehensive assessment, and professional medical detox services before you enter treatment. The medical professionals provide a safe detox that keeps you as comfortable as possible as you withdraw from the alcohol that took control over your life.

When you enter the alcohol treatment program, your treatment is based on your needs

What Should I Expect at the Alcohol Rehab Center?

The treatment services that you receive are not completely identical to every other person in the treatment center. The caring team at Clarity Way develops an individual treatment plan for you that best meets your recovery needs. Some potential treatment components may include:

Do you have a co-occurring mental health disorder? The dual diagnosis program at Clarity Way helps you through the recovery process for both the alcohol addiction and your co-occurring mental health issues.

The evidence-based approaches used while you receive alcohol rehab center treatment are based on your needs, and possibly includes alternative approaches, along with traditional approaches to treatment. You possibly engage in exercise therapy, yoga, massage therapy program, acupuncture therapy, and other types of approaches. These approaches help provide the means to help you regain control over your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

We understand that you are not the only one affected by your alcohol use disorder. We offer services to loved ones that help them better understand addiction, and how to support you through your recovery. In addition, we also let them know the importance of taking care of themselves.

Do not let alcohol addiction control your life another day. Reach out to Clarity Way today, and contact us at 17172253906. We guide you through the admission process, and get you started along your path to recovery. We invite you to heal in our home away from home setting that prepares you for returning to a fulfilling lifestyle without alcohol.