group therapy at a barbiturate addiction treatment programThe use of barbiturate drugs is not as prevalent as it was decades ago. This is due to the introduction of benzodiazepines, which are a safer group of drugs that perform the same functions as barbiturates. There are still instances, however, when your prescriber might write you a prescription for a barbiturate drug. If they do, and if you develop a substance use disorder, Clarity Way offers one of the premier addiction therapy programs in Hanover, PA to help you recover.

These drugs are relaxants or tranquilizers. They work to calm your breathing and respiration, to reduce your anxiety and to help you sleep. Barbiturate use has fallen since physicians began prescribing benzo because benzo is the safer drug. However, many people still feel the effects of barbiturate misuse and addiction.

The Dangers of Barbiturate Drugs

Today, doctors may prescribe barbiturates suppress seizures, as surgical anesthetics, or to relieve severe muscle pain or headaches. This drug is so powerful that it’s sometimes used in lethal injection and physician-assisted suicide. Barbiturates slow breathing and respiration, which is why it’s so dangerous to take. Even a dose so small it seems insignificant can cause accidental death.

Unfortunately, this drug is also highly habit-forming, meaning it’s easy to become addicted to your prescription. If you’re taking a barbiturate drug in a way other than it was intended, it’s essential that you seek help right away. This family of drugs is not one that’s safe to experiment with, and even one small mistake in dosage can become life-threatening. Clarity Way, in Hanover, PA, offers a quality barbiturate addiction treatment program that can help wean you or your loved one off of this potent drug.

Barbiturate Withdrawal

Detoxing or withdrawing from barbiturate drugs should never be attempted outside of a licensed medical detox center because the side effects, themselves, can cause death. Common withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Tremors
  • Seizures
  • Psychosis

In some instances, sudden cessation of these drugs can cause your body temperature to rise to unsafe levels (fever). This can contribute to circulatory failure and death. Never stop taking a barbiturate drug without notifying your doctor first. Stopping barbiturate use must take place gradually to prevent severe reactions. If you need help to move away from your barbiturate medication, we have the barbiturate addiction treatment program you need to do it safely.

The Barbiturate Addiction Treatment Program at Clarity Way

Clarity Way is a modern drug and alcohol treatment center located in Hanover, PA. Using only the most evidence-based therapies, both holistic and traditional, we provide a brighter tomorrow to clients who battle substance use disorder. Dual diagnosis treatment addresses co-occurring mental health disorders and ensures all of your needs are met.

Situated among the scenic foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of Southern Pennsylvania, the views from Clarity Way’s sprawling campus are exquisite. Grass, trees, and rolling hills that go on for miles provide the setting for a peaceful reprieve. Private woodlands surround you as you begin your recovery journey with compassionate, highly trained staff who care about your future.

Therapies used in the barbiturate addiction treatment program at Clarity Way may include:

We will help lead you to recovery. Call us today at 17172253906 for more information. Our caring and experienced representatives are waiting to take your call. Barbiturates may have a hold on you at present, but they don’t have to define your future. There is hope for a drug-free tomorrow. With the right help and the desire to embrace sobriety, there are no limits to your success, no barriers that can bind you, no reasons why you can’t experience success. Call Clarity Way today.