It’s perplexing when someone becomes addicted to a medication they need for a psychological or mental disorder. This happens all the time with medications like Xanax. What is Xanax? Xanax is prescription medication doctors prescribe to treat anxiety disorders, panic disorders, and anxiety caused by depression. There’s something about Xanax and other benzos that cause people to become addicted to them. That something is the fact that these are “short-life” medications, meaning they metabolize in the system very quickly. That results in the patient needing frequent doses, which creates the potential for addiction if the patient abuses drugs or alcohol. When that happens, a trip to a benzo addiction treatment center becomes necessary.

Benzo Addiction Treatment Center – Intake and Detox

Woman speaks to client at a benzo addiction treatment center in Hanover, PAUpon entering a benzo addiction treatment center, the patients have to go through an evaluation. The facility’s staff will use the evaluation to decide on the proper course of treatment. While the withdrawal symptoms from Benzos aren’t as bad as the symptoms from opiate withdrawal, they still warrant concern. For that reason, treatment might start with a detox program.

As part of our Clarity Way benzo addiction treatment center in Hanover, PA, we traditionally prescribe a medically-monitored detox program. Of course, we want our clients to detox as naturally as possible. However, we don’t want them to suffer discomfort during the detox process. The goal is to keep the client safe as they pass through withdrawal. Once the client is clean, they should be more receptive to therapy.

Benzo Addiction Treatment Center – Therapy and Aftercare

What happens during therapy goes a long way towards determining the solidity of the client’s recovery. First, it’s incumbent on the client to open up about what going on in their life. Only then will a counselor be able to help the client figure out what is driving their addiction. This is an essential piece of the puzzle. Without this information, the client is going to be at high risk for chronic relapses.

Some treatment professionals might debate the need for knowledge about the causation of an addiction. However, our benzo addiction treatment center in Hanover, PA, believes it’s important to know. Knowing helps them form the basis for equipping clients with the right life and coping skills. When it comes to relapse prevention, nothing matters more than the person’s ability to deal with adversity and triggers. With the right coping skills, that becomes much less of an issue.

After treatment is complete, the client is free to go. However, it doesn’t mean they are free from addiction. While dormant, the addiction lives on, looking for the opportunity to attack. That’s why so many people in recovery stay close to aftercare programs like sober living homes and 12-Step meetings. They are right to do so.

At the end of the day, recovery is only recovery if it lasts. If a relapse occurs, then the recovery was a false recovery, and obviously, the addiction sufferer needs more help. There’s no shame in relapsing as long as the individual returns to a benzo addiction treatment center. Persistence is the ability to keep trying until the job is done.

What Clarity Way Has to Offer

From our luxury rehab center in Hanover, PA, we provide elite services to adults and professionals. We expect much from ourselves as treatment professionals. For that reason, our therapists and clinicians work hard to develop the right treatment programs for each client. The only thing we can use to evaluate our success is to send healthy clients out the door to a lasting recovery. To that end, we offer the following services:

  • Drug and alcohol addiction treatment – inpatient and outpatient
  • Dual diagnosis treatment center in Hanover, PA
  • Individual & Family Therapy
  • Mental health services
  • Evidence-based therapies
  • Pain management programs
  • Psychodrama therapy

If you got yourself caught in a benzo addiction, you do have a way out. You will need to spend time in a benzo addiction treatment center like ours at Clarity Way. With a simple phone call to 17172253906, you can learn about our services. From there, it’s up to you whether or not we get to help you recover from your illness.