It’s challenging for an addiction sufferer to wake up every day and then try to navigate their life dealing with the addiction. For most of us, it’s something we can’t even imagine trying to do. Unfortunately, things only get more difficult for someone struggling with a substance abuse disorder. What if they are also dealing with a psychological disorder? Well, it happens. In fact, it happens far more often than we would like to admit. That’s precisely why a co-occurring disorders treatment center exists. To help people who have to carry this kind of burden.

How Do Co-Existing Conditions Integrate?

Man getting help for his dual diagnosis at a co-occurring disorders treatment center in Hanover PAGenerally, co-existing conditions include an addiction occur in one of two ways. First, the presence of a psychological or mental disorder might become the driving force behind the addiction. The other way a co-existing disorder might develop is as a result of the addiction itself.

Clearly, the nation has more than its fair share of people who have an anxiety or depression diagnosis. How do doctors deal with such issues? They prescribe certain medications. However, what happens if those medications have addictive properties, and the patient is prone to abusing them? Unfortunately, we know the answer to that question. They abuse the substance and eventually fall prey to an addiction. The psychological disorder indirectly gave rise to addiction.

On the flip side, there’s a lot of people who start abusing some substance for personal reasons. As their addiction develops, they then begin to show symptoms of anxiety or depression for whatever reason. Before too long, they find themselves dealing with more than a desire to abuse drugs and alcohol. They have a psychological problem to boot.

Regardless of the genesis of the co-occurring conditions, someplace has to do something for the victim. The place that’s best able to deal with this situation would be a co-occurring disorders treatment center.

The Task for a Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Center

In our co-occurring disorders treatment center in Hanover, PA, we offer healing for those with co-occurring conditions. We do so with the primary goal of treating the addiction. However, our therapists are acutely aware that the two conditions are both integral parts of the overall problem. With that in mind, the therapist has to consider how they are going to treat both disorders at the same time.

Why is simultaneous treatment so necessary? The answer is straightforward. There’s always going to be the potential of the untreated disorder interfering with the disease the therapist is treating. That creates a vulnerable recovery. The best chance the co-occurring disorders treatment center has is to provide a real chance at recovery is to offer treatment for all potential problems.

Our co-occurring disorders treatment center in Hanover, PA, knows that both disorders require specialized care. That’s the exact reason a dual diagnosis treatment center in Hanover, PA, has to employ qualified individuals. If one person has both skill sets, then that’s the optimum solution.

The Best Way is the Clarity Way

Aside from offering access to our co-occurring disorders treatment center, we offer an even wider range of addiction treatment services. At all times, our primary focus is on helping our clients establish a lasting recovery. To that end, we proudly maintain a full range of addiction treatment options. The list of those services include:

While we might not be able to empathize with you having to deal with co-occurring conditions, we do sympathize. That’s why we work hard to maintain a co-occurring disorders treatment center. Clarity Way wants you to understand you cannot deal with just one of your issues. You need treatment for both. If you need more information about treatment, give us a call at 17172253906.