At Clarity Way, we are a drug rehab center program Hanover PA residents turn to when they need help to recover from an addiction. Once you take the first step to change your life and break free from addiction, we can help you reach your long term sobriety goals. Treatment starts with medically-assisted detox, but it continues on with residential rehabilitation and education to learn about addiction and relapse prevention strategies. Addiction is a disease, and one that can be successfully treated in order for you to find recovery.

Motivational Interviewing and Your Commitment to Sobriety

Finding your motivation to enter a drug rehab center can be tough. You might not feel ready to go to a drug rehab center program in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Through the process of motivational interviewing, you can come to a better understanding of what it means to deal with an addiction and why it is important to work through the recovery process. In motivational interviewing you may learn:a pile of drugs from a Drug Rehab Center

  • The underlying reasons that led to your addiction in the first place
  • Your reasons to find addiction recovery and release yourself from addiction
  • What motivates you when it comes to your emotional, physical and spiritual health
  • That you are stronger than you realize and have the power to change your life

Motivational interviewing is different for everyone. At Clarity Way, a counselor will talk to you about your treatment goals and how you hope to achieve these goals. Once you are motivated to change your life, you will have an easier time taking your journey step by step.

The 12-Step Recovery Approach

In a drug rehab center, you may learn about the 12-step recovery approach for addiction treatment. The treatment is peer supported, and you work through the 12 steps of addiction recovery by getting a sponsor who has gone through the steps before you. The journey begins with letting go of what you can’t control, and giving up the control to a higher power. Through the guidance of a sponsor, you will learn about the next step as you complete the work of the previous one. The 12-step recovery approach can help you:

  • Find your spiritual center and motivate you to change
  • Get the support you need from your peers out in the community
  • Make positive changes in your life through self reflection and changing behavior
  • Learn about addiction, recovery, and introduce you to a higher power

You may be introduced to 12-step recovery work in a drug rehab center and find that it motivates you to change. If you find a great sponsor, 12-step work can be life changing for the better.

Your Support Network in Recovery

From the beginning stages of treatment, you will hear about how important it is to find support as you go through the recovery process. When you meet others in treatment, some of these people will become part of your support network. Others in recovery are going to understand what you are going through. While friends and family will try to help, it is those who are on their own recovery journey who will know what you are dealing with. Build your support network so that you have people to turn to when you are feeling weak and don’t want to go through a relapse. Reach out to your support team when you need help.

Seek Addiction Treatment Now

If drugs or alcohol control your life, it’s time to make a change. Clarity Way is ready to give you the support you need to begin your recovery treatment. Contact us today at 17172253906 and see how sobriety is possible with the right help in place. Your life is waiting, and it’s time to make the choice to get help.