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What Is Marijuana Addiction Treatment Like?

Clarity Way’s marijuana addiction treatment program helps you identify the reasons you abuse marijuana. You’ll learn healthy ways to cope without drugs and alcohol.

Assessments and Medical Detox

man getting help from a marijuana addiction treatment centerTreatment for marijuana addiction begins with thorough assessments by our behavioral health staff. Also, we’ll assess your physical and mental health and use our findings to create a treatment plan unique to you and your needs. In addition, people who are physically and psychologically dependent on marijuana may experience marijuana withdrawal symptoms in its absence. Also, Clarity Way offers medical detox in Hanover, PA for clients with substance use disorders. In addition, we make sure detox is safe and comfortable with round-the-clock care and medications to ease withdrawal symptoms.

One-On-One Counseling

Individual therapy with Clarity Way’s highly trained counselors helps you address underlying reasons for drug abuse. Sometimes people use drugs and alcohol to cope with emotional pain or mental health disorder symptoms. In addition, our therapists will help you identify these issues and learn better ways to deal with them. Also, we draw on evidence-based substance abuse treatment methods like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and motivational interviewing.

Group Therapy With Peers

Group therapy is a central part of our marijuana addiction treatment program. In addition, within a small group of peers, you’ll cover substance abuse and mental health topics. Group members provide a sounding board for situations you’re struggling with. Also, you’ll gain new insights into yourself and the way you relate to others through group interactions. Group therapy can also help you improve self-confidence, learn to communicate honestly and assertively and feel less alone in your difficulties.

Attention to Mental Health Issues

There’s a strong link between substance abuse and mental health disorders. In addition, drug addiction can result from using substances to self-medicate psychiatric symptoms. On the other hand, alcohol and drug abuse can cause psychiatric symptoms because addiction changes the brain’s chemistry. Also, we treat co-occurring disorders through dual diagnosis like addiction and depression or anxiety simultaneously. Clarity Way’s psychiatric team will help you manage mental health disorder symptoms so you’re less inclined to use marijuana to cope.

Family Involvement

Substance abuse takes a toll on the entire family. Inpatient treatment includes a family therapy program as appropriate. In addition, we also offer a monthly family day for loved ones. These features help your loved ones understand that addiction is a disease of the brain. Also, we’ll help you and your loved ones discuss difficult topics. Everyone will learn how to communicate better and support each other.

Engaging Activities

Clarity Way inpatient rehab isn’t just about sitting in a room and learning about addiction. In addition, we offer treatment options that get your mind and body involved in recovery in different ways. In addition to traditional approaches like individual and group therapy, other available treatments for marijuana abuse include:

Aftercare Planning

From day one, you’ll prepare for your return to everyday life by building a toolbox of relapse prevention skills during drug rehab. We also make sure you’re set up with aftercare treatment resources that support continued sobriety when you leave. Also, Clarity Way recovery center’s team provides aftercare planning for all clients. Aftercare may include connecting you with:

Does Insurance Cover Marijuana Addiction Treatment?

Many insurance coverage plans include a behavioral health component that covers mental illness and addiction. To determine if your insurance plan covers inpatient treatment for marijuana use disorder, call our recovery advisors today. We’ll call your insurance company and get all the details on your coverage for addiction treatment. We’ll make sure you understand any out-of-pocket expenses. For a free insurance benefits check call:  17172253906

Where Will I Live During Drug Rehab?

Clarity Way recovery center is comfortable and welcoming. Bedrooms include cozy furnishings and en suite bathrooms. We have a number of inviting gathering areas as well as a fitness center, sports court, and seasonal pool. Our addiction rehab is set among the rolling hills of Pennsylvania and offers stunning views of nature. We provide extra touches that make you feel at home.

Why Choose Clarity Way?

Clarity Way treatment facility provides a safe, accepting environment to do the work of recovery. Here are some of the reasons we’re different than other drug rehabilitation programs:

Personalized Care

Clarity Way raises the bar in personalized care. We take time to get to know your most pressing clinical needs, background and treatment preferences. We integrate activities into your plan that reflect these understandings. Our goal is to provide effective treatment that is also relevant and engaging.

Trauma-Informed Treatment

Trauma and PTSD often contribute to substance abuse and mental health disorders. We have addiction treatment staff trained in treating trauma. We also offer trauma therapies like EMDR.

Treatment for Complex Cases

Clarity Way often takes clients other treatment facilities turn away because of the complexity of their needs. Our medical team can detox and treat clients with a number of medical conditions and/or multiple substance abuse issues and co-occurring disorders.

Non-12-Step Options

Many drug rehabs only offer 12-step support groups. We understand not everyone relates to 12-step concepts. Clarity Way offers both 12-step groups and alternatives to the 12 Steps like Refuge Recovery and SMART Recovery.

Real-World Recovery

We let you stay connected to the outside world by permitting smartphone and laptop use as clinically appropriate. Also, this way you can navigate triggers that arise with the help of professionals and peers in recovery.

Home-Like Setting

We want you to focus on getting better, not what’s lacking in your surroundings. In addition, Clarity Way offers the utmost comfort on a sprawling, gated campus. You’ll enjoy plenty of amenities and soothing views of nature.

Reinvent Yourself in Recovery

Live a rewarding life in recovery. Call Clarity Way rehab center today to get effective marijuana addiction treatment. We can help you turn your life around.