group work takes place in therapy during opana addiction treatment programOpana is a brand name for an opioid drug called oxymorphone. It’s used to treat moderate to severe pain in patients who have been unable to find relief using less-potent options. Opiates such as Opana can be highly habit-forming when used long term or when used in ways other than recommended. Unfortunately, drugs such as oxymorphone continue to be over-prescribed. This contributes to the opioid epidemic in America today. If you or a family member have become chemically dependent upon Opana, Clarity Way’s opioid addiction treatment program in Hanover, Pa has answers.

The Problem With Opana

While it’s an important tool in the fight against pain, Opana should not be used long-term. Long-term use of Opana, and opioids in general, contribute to addiction. Opioid drugs attach themselves to receptors in the brain that control pain and pleasure. They send false messages to the body that causes pain to lessen, respiration to calm, and heartbeat to slow. Opioids mask your pain and make you feel as though all is right with the world.

While this sounds like a good thing, your body builds a tolerance to these drugs. This means you have to increase the dosage over time to feel the same pleasurable results. The more Opana you ingest, the slower your heartbeats. This can cause accidental overdose, which is often fatal. Recently, there’s been a movement to educate both physicians and patients on the drastic effects of opioids like Opana. Because of this, opioid overdoses continue to fall, but there’s still much room for improvement.

Effects of Substance Use Disorder Involving Opana

Because it’s a gradual disorder that builds over time, it’s possible to be chemically dependent upon Opana without realizing it. Symptoms of opioid addiction include:

  • Apathy regarding hygiene and physical appearance
  • Pulling away from family and friends
  • Loss in interest in hobbies and activities you once enjoyed
  • Prolonged drowsiness and sleep disruption
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Unusual financial difficulties

If you’re experiencing symptoms such as these in your life, or if someone you love exhibits these symptoms, consider contacting an Opana addiction treatment program like the one offered at Clarity Way.

The Opana Addiction Treatment Program at Clarity Way

It can take a long time to wean your body off opioid drugs like Opana. Clients sometimes find themselves still in active recovery for a year or more. Regardless of how long it takes, however, the caring staff at Clarity Way will continue gently guiding you towards a brighter future. Using a combination of therapies that include replacement drugs, behavioral therapy and counseling, 12-step meetings, and more, we’ll help you find better options than self-medicating.

The Opana addiction treatment program at Clarity Way includes:

  • Medically assisted detox, during which drugs such as naloxone or buprenorphine are used to alleviate the painful symptoms of withdrawal
  • Counseling and therapy to learn new, healthier coping behaviors.
  • Extended aftercare in the form of peer support meetings and sober living facilities
  • Exposure to 12 Step Programs as well as non-12-Step programs and alternatives 

These are only a few of the reasons why drug and alcohol treatment is so successful at Clarity Way in Hanover, PA.

When you’re ready to talk recovery, we’re ready to listen. Call us today at 17172253906 to reach a highly trained, caring professional who’s available to answer all of your recovery questions. Life does not have to be chaotic, uncertain, and scary. Each day in recovery builds a stronger, better future for you and for those who love you. Take that first step and consider our Opana addiction recovery program today.