Where does someone go when their life is crumbling under the weight of an addiction to an opiate-based substance? It’s not like there’s a lot of choices. If a person can barely manage to crawl out of bed, then how are they going to make a reasonable decision about their own welfare? The truth is someone in that position only has to make two decisions. First, they have to come to a reckoning that they have an addiction and need the help of a drug rehab program. After that, they need to decide where to get that help. Of course, what most of us already know is that an opiate addiction treatment center is the only reliable and reasonable solution.

What You Can Expect From an Opiate Addiction Treatment Center

Group therapy underway at an opiate addiction treatment center in Hanover, PAAfter coming to grips with the fact you have an addiction, then you’ll likely start contemplating where to go for help. To ease some of your anxiety, some information about what takes place in an opiate addiction treatment center seems in order.

Upon entering rehab, a clinician is going to put you through an interview process. They need to gather information in order to determine how to provide your treatment. If it’s an opiate addiction of any substance, you’ll be facing the distinct possibility of some dangerous withdrawal symptoms. The intake clinician knows this and will likely prescribe a medically-monitored detox program. They will focus on getting you through withdrawal with as little discomfort as possible.

After you finish detoxing, you should feel physically better and mentally more alert. That’s the point that an opiate addiction treatment center in Hanover, PA, will start providing therapy. To get what you need from therapy, you will need to be open and honest with your therapist. Anything less and you’ll miss something that’s going to come back and haunt you during recovery.

As long as you are honest, you’ll likely learn a lot about your illness and how it manifests itself. That gives you a target, a target you can use as the basis for creating coping skills. The coping skills you develop will serve as your protection against any temptations that might otherwise cause you to relapse.

What to Expect After Leaving an Opiate Addiction Treatment Center

Once you leave rehab, you’ll still have a big mountain to climb as you try to maintain sobriety. Remember, you will likely have better coping skills and more clarity of mind than you have had prior to treatment. With that said, you might need a little bit more. At our Clarity Way opiate addiction treatment center in Hanover, PA, we would also arm you with aftercare resources.

This is the standard operating procedure for the most reputable addiction therapy programs in Hanover, PA, and across the US. The purpose of aftercare programs is to help people in recovery stay in recovery. The most popular aftercare options include staying in a sober living environment, participation in 12-Step programs (AA) and (NA), and additional outpatient counseling when necessary.

The combination of rehab aftercare resources and the support of your family will hopefully pave the way for a lasting recovery.

Getting the Help You Need at Clarity Way

We take great pride in the level of addiction treatment care we provide to all our adult clients. We believe it is incumbent on all reputable opiate addiction treatment centers to reach beyond traditional treatment options. Over the last few years, we have discovered that our approach to addiction treatment seems to be spot-on. What is our approach? We believe our clients will benefit significantly from a combination of evidence-based therapies and holistic programs. Look at this partial menu of our services:

We implore you not to let drugs rule your life. If you have been struggling with opiate addiction, you need to get help from a reputable opiate addiction treatment center. We can provide you the services you need here at Clarity Way. When you are ready to fight your addiction, please give us a call at 17172253906. We’ll be ready to help.