Opioid abuse claims thousands of lives every year. It tears families apart. It can cause long-term damage to your physical and mental health. It’s just not worth it. Life is better without opioid addiction. Get the help you need to move forward: 17172253906.

What Is Inpatient Opioid Treatment Like?

woman getting help at an opioid addiction treatment centerWhether opioid abuse began by taking prescription drugs for chronic pain or as a way to achieve a high, Clarity Way can help. In addition, our prescription opioid addiction treatment is evidence-based and compassionate. Also, you’ll learn healthier ways to manage chronic pain, difficult emotions, and substance abuse triggers. We’ll help you rebuild your life.

Treatment for opioid addiction at Clarity Way may include:

Safe and Comfortable Drug Detox

Many people fear quitting opioids because of withdrawal symptoms. Detox from opioids can be extremely painful without help from professionals. In addition, Clarity Way’s medical team makes sure drug and alcohol detox in Hanover, PA is comfortable with medications to treat opioid withdrawal symptoms and intense drug cravings. Also, our nurses are on hand around the clock to make sure you’re safe and attend to your needs promptly. In addition, we provide compassionate care and minimize discomfort as much as possible. Opioid detox prepares you to approach the next step in recovery with a clearer head and in better physical shape.

Working on Issues in Individual Therapy

Substance abuse and addiction treatment involves more than just medical detox. Without addressing the underlying issues of drug abuse, you’re at high risk for relapse. Opioid treatments like individual therapy help you identify the reasons you abuse substances and learn healthier ways to cope with those challenges. In addition, you’ll build a trusting relationship with an experienced therapist who will help you start working through emotional pain. You’ll learn relapse prevention skills and build resilience that will serve you well in the face of adversity.

Connecting With Peers in Recovery

Being with peers who understand your struggles can feel transforming. You’ll attend group therapy with other clients recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. Group therapy provides a safe space to do important recovery work. Group therapy has many benefits. It can help you:

  • Feel less isolated
  • Heal from shame
  • Gain new insights into yourself and others
  • Improve interpersonal skills
  • Acquire relapse prevention skills
  • Learn problem-solving skills
  • Build open, honest connections with peers in recovery

Medication-Assisted Treatment

We treat opioid use disorder with medication-assisted treatment (MAT) as clinically appropriate. In addition, medications to treat opioid cravings and opioid overdose like buprenorphine and naloxone have been shown to be highly effective when used in combination with behavioral therapy. Also, our medical team will evaluate you and determine if MAT is appropriate for you.

Addressing Mental Health Issues

Mental health disorders can drive people to abuse opioids in an attempt to self-medicate their symptoms. In addition, research shows a high prevalence of anxiety and depression in people who abuse opioids. People with opioid addiction also often struggle with personality disorders, especially borderline personality disorder. Also, Clarity Way provides integrated treatment that addresses both substance abuse and mental health issues. You’ll meet with our psychiatric team and learn to manage co-occurring mental health disorders with behavioral therapy and medication if needed.

Pain Management

Our medical team is experienced in treating complex addiction cases. If you became addicted to prescription opioids because of a medical condition, we’ll help you manage chronic pain while tapering off addictive medications. In addition, Clarity Way’s medical team provides thorough pain assessments and crafts a treatment plan that integrates non-opioid medications and alternative approaches to pain management. We make sure you’re not in physical pain during drug detox and addiction treatment. This way you can focus better on treatment programming and use your time in drug rehab to the fullest.

Repairing Relationships With Loved Ones

Addiction builds walls up between loved ones. Clarity Way’s therapists help you break down those walls with family therapy as appropriate. We also offer a family day once a month. In addition, you’ll work through relationship issues and learn how to support each other better. Also, family members will learn why addiction is a disease and how to help you if you’re struggling.

Taking Part in a Variety of Therapies

We offer traditional behavioral therapies like individual and group counseling. We also offer alternative ways to treat opioid abuse and other addictions. These addiction therapy treatments complement the process work you do in counseling. In addition, you may take part in treatment options like:

Planning for Long-Term Recovery

Opioid addiction treatment at Clarity Way includes aftercare programs in Hanover, PA. In addition, we connect you with resources that can help strengthen your recovery after you leave inpatient drug rehab. Also, aftercare planning may include:

  • Scheduling appointments with therapists and psychiatrists
  • Scheduling appointments with physicians to manage medication-assisted treatment of opioid abuse and addiction
  • Connecting you with support groups like Narcotics Anonymous, Refuge Recovery and SMART Recovery
  • Referrals to sober-living residences
  • Clarity Way’s alumni group

Where Will I Live During Drug Rehab?

We provide a comfortable space that supports substance abuse treatment. You’ll share a room with another client going through similar struggles. Private bedrooms are also available. Bedrooms are comfortably furnished, decorated and include en suite bathrooms. Also, you’ll enjoy welcoming gathering areas, plenty of inspiring views of nature, well-balanced meals and several amenities.

How Do I Pay for Drug Rehab?

Many insurance coverage plans cover substance abuse and mental health treatment. We’ll work directly with your insurance company to determine what kind of coverage they provide for opioid use disorders. We’ll help you understand your drug rehab benefits and out-of-pocket costs. Self-pay is also an option. In addition, Clarity Way’s recovery advisors can give you a detailed estimate of the cost of drug rehab based on your recommended length of stay and clinical needs. Call us today for a free insurance benefits check and estimate of addiction treatment costs: 17172253906

How Do I Start Drug Rehab?

We want to make the admissions process as stress-free as possible so you can focus on getting better. Here’s what happens when you call Clarity Way:

  1. Chat with our recovery advisors about why you’re entering drug rehab.
  2. Get recommendations on treatment options and length of stay based on our conversation.
  3. Receive a free insurance benefits check if you’ll be paying with insurance.
  4. Decide on a date to enter treatment and get help with logistics like travel.

Break Free From Opioid Addiction

You can do this. We can help. Live a fulfilling life without drugs and alcohol. Clarity Way’s substance abuse and addiction treatment program offers compassionate and engaging care that’s evidence-based. Call us today at 17172253906.