There were approximately 28,000 deaths due to opioid painkiller abuse in 2017. That number is expected to rise in years to come. This is due to the alarming number of prescriptions authorized by doctors each year. While Fentanyl is responsible for the majority of those deaths, many people suffer from addiction to a variety of painkillers. If you or a loved one are included in that group, you can reclaim your life by completing a treatment program through a painkiller rehab center.

While selecting a painkiller rehab center program in Hanover, PA may seem complicated at first, Clarity Way can make the process easier. Our painkiller treatment programs are comprehensive and focus on the individual. We want to help you or a loved one adjust to a life of recovery, starting with that very first step when you reach out for help and commit to a rehab program.a collection of prescription drugs at a Painkiller Rehab Center

Do You Need a Painkiller Rehab Center?

Painkillers are among the most commonly abused prescription medications. You may have started out with a seemingly innocent prescription for painkillers due to an injury or symptoms of chronic disease. What you may not have realized when you were given that prescription is that prescription painkillers are extremely addictive.

Your body adjusts to painkillers over time, requiring a higher and higher dosage to achieve pain relief. Many people develop addictions to their painkillers while receiving legal prescriptions from a doctor. Others start using heroin or other illegal drugs when a doctor stops the prescription in the midst of an addiction.

Whether you still receive legal prescriptions from a doctor or not, there are some signs that you need to seek the services of a painkiller rehab center:

  • You take more than your prescribed dose.
  • Find it difficult to stop taking your painkillers even though you no longer have a medical need for them.
  • You have misrepresented your pain level in order to receive more pain medication.
  • Your use of painkillers interferes with your professional or social life in any way.
  • You have driven a vehicle or participated in other dangerous activities while under the influence of a painkiller.

You may have other personal reasons for knowing that it’s time to reach out for help at a painkiller rehab center program in Hanover, PA.

Why Choose a Painkiller Rehab Center Program in Hanover, PA?

There’s no better place to recover from painkiller addiction than southern Pennsylvania. From beautiful winter landscapes covered in blankets of snow to warm summer days that allow you to breathe in fresh air and sing with the birds, recovery in Pennsylvania allows you to reconnect with the natural world while developing new healthy habits.

Clarity Way is a Hanover painkiller rehab center that rests on 15 acres of breathtaking hills. The landscape rolls out around the treatment facilities, giving clients an idyllic environment to focus on nothing but recovery. We offer natural, alternative therapies along with traditional approaches. This allows a team of professionals to create individualized programs for each client.

Get the Treatment You Deserve in Hanover, PA

Clarity Way offers comprehensive substance abuse treatment programs for anyone ready to change their life for the better. If you live in Hanover or the surrounding area, you can take full advantage of our painkiller rehab center from your first step toward sobriety to your long-term fight for a healthier, more satisfying life.

If you don’t live in the Hanover area or even in Pennsylvania, you can still benefit from the quality rehab programs offered at Clarity Way. Give us a call at 17172253906 when you’re ready to discuss your options. You don’t have to live with the crippling consequences of addiction any longer. Once you make that first step, we’ll hold your hand the rest of the way.