Did you become addicted to prescription drugs following an accident or injury? There are countless people just like you who find themselves in the same situation. Fortunately, you don’t have to face the road ahead by yourself. A top-level prescription drug addiction treatment program can arm you with the knowledge and tools you need to conquer your substance abuse problem.

Prescription Drug Abuse Impacts Everyone

Addictive pills that require a prescription drug addiction treatment center in Hanover PADespite popular belief, prescription drug abuse is a problem that affects people from every walk of life. It doesn’t discriminate based on race, age, religion, or financial status. Many people who are addicted to prescription drugs developed their problems after being prescribed the medication following an accident or injury. Others are prescribed these drugs to help alleviate pain associated with cancer. Unfortunately, prescription painkillers are very addictive. Even when taken as directed, prolonged use can lead to trouble.

For example, there are signs that indicate a prescription drug abuse problem may exist, such as:

  • Compulsive drug-seeking behavior
  • Using larger doses than prescribed
  • Changes to eating and sleeping patterns
  • Unusual hostility and/or irritability
  • Mood swings that correlate with drug use and availability
  • Lying about how much or how often medication is used
  • The onset of withdrawal symptoms when drugs are not available

If you exhibit any of these warning signs, consider finding a prescription drug addiction treatment program. Professional addiction treatment can help you take steps to get clean and regain control over your impulses and behavior. A combination of detox, therapy, counseling, and support can help you build a firm foundation for lasting rehabilitation.

Finding a Quality Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Program is Key

When it comes to finding treatment, not any sub-par rehab will do. To achieve real and lasting results, you must take the time to find a reputable prescription drug addiction treatment program. Otherwise, you might require more than one round of treatment. It’s important to note that some people must go through several rounds of quality treatment before achieving real success. The road to recovery is different for everyone. Don’t expect it to happen overnight or on a set time frame.

The best prescription drug addiction treatment program in Hanover, PA, will offer the option for personalized treatment. Every aspect of your care can be customized to suit your exact needs. Depending on what you’ve been through, you may need extensive counseling with a qualified psychologist. During therapy, you can learn to address your addiction triggers and how to avoid them. You’ll also learn to let go of old abusive behaviors and adopt healthier lifestyle habits.

If you’re like others, you may also suffer from a co-occurring mental health disorder. In this case, search for a prescription drug addiction treatment program that includes Dual Diagnosis Treatment. The best dual diagnosis treatment center in Hanover, PA, can treat the symptoms of your substance abuse problem and mental illness at the same time. Addressing both of your conditions at once is the only way you’ll ever make a full recovery.

Rehab in Hanover, PA

Your search for the best prescription drug addiction treatment program in Hanover, PA, has brought you to Clarity Way. Our Hanover, PA, rehab offers comprehensive treatment approaches that can target your addiction from multiple angles. Our rehab specialists have years of experience working with our clients on an individual basis.
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Let Rehab Change Your Life

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