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Clarity Way clients may add pain management services to their treatment plan. Our drug rehab and dual diagnosis treatment center provides interdisciplinary care for pain management under the guidance of a board-certified addiction medicine and osteopathic physician.

We treat a few types of pain management clients:

  • People who’d like to eliminate or reduce their painkiller dosage
  • People who are intentionally abusing painkillers and need addiction treatment
  • People whose families are concerned about their painkiller use

All clients attend our regular programming, which is a combination of individual and group therapy. Treatment is designed to help clients abusing painkillers address their addiction as well as clients concerned with painkiller dosage manage pain and live fuller lives.

Clarity Way clients with pain management concerns can expect the following:

  1. Biopsychosocial Assessment
    You’ll receive a comprehensive evaluation to assess your individual situation with the goal of restoring functionality and regaining the ability to live a balanced and healthy life, free of pain and medication. A biopsychosocial evaluation includes physical and psychological assessments and sometimes gathering information from painkiller prescribers, family members, medical records and prescription databases.
  2. Safe, Comfortable Detox
    If clinically appropriate, you’ll undergo medically supervised drug detox from pain medication. During this period, we help control physical discomfort through medication tapers and both medical and alternative therapies. This process allows clients to comfortably detox from medication so that we can accurately assess pain levels.
  3. Pain Assessment and Holistic Treatment
    Our medical team determines whether your pain is acute or chronic and works with you and our therapeutic team to craft an individualized treatment plan. We use a combination of traditional and alternative approaches and address any underlying psychological issues that may be contributing to pain.

In some cases, we may find that you still require some pain medication, but at a lower dose and in combination with alternative pain management approaches. In other cases, we may find that your current medication dosage is appropriate. Many clients are able to taper off pain medication completely and control discomfort with non-addictive medications and alternative therapies.

Clarity Way pain management treatment typically includes:

Psychotherapy – You’ll have regular one-on-one sessions with a primary therapist to address your unique needs. Our specially trained counselors draw on therapeutic approaches shown to be effective in chronic pain management like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). CBT and ACT help you deal with anxiety, depression and unhelpful thoughts associated with pain while encouraging more productive thought patterns and healthy coping skills.

Group therapy – We offer a number of process groups as well as experiential groups like psychodrama and trauma recovery/shame resilience groups.

Occupational, chiropractic and physical therapy* – We partner with many specialists in the community, and will pair you with professionals like physical and occupational therapists as well as chiropractors as necessary.

Massage* – We offer onsite massage. Some research shows therapeutic massage not only helps reduce pain but also helps you better regulate emotions and cope with psychological pain, and improves sleep and enhances relaxation.

Fitness – You’ll ease into an exercise routine and restore strength and flexibility with activities like yoga, Pilates, gentle movement and strength training.

Acupuncture* – We offer acupuncture as one of our alternative approaches to pain management. Some studies have found acupuncture may decrease pain by as much as 50%.

Family therapy – In instances of addiction, family therapy can be a critical component of recovery. Substance abuse affects the entire family and all members must learn how to better communicate and break unhealthy patterns like enabling. By request and as clinically appropriate, we offer family therapy with a licensed therapist.

Spiritual exploration – We encourage you to take part in whatever types of spiritual practices resonate with you, whether that’s faith-based activities, mindfulness, time in nature, creative pursuits or other avenues to feeling part of something bigger. We also offer 12-step groups and 12-step alternative groups like Refuge Recovery and SMART Recovery.

Hypnosis for pain management – Hypnosis for pain control has been widely researched and proven effective. Hypnoanalgesia – the process of decreasing clients’ sensitivity to pain through hypnotic suggestion – induces clients into a focused, relaxed state allowing them to become more receptive to suggestions that will decrease their sensitivity to pain.

Psychiatry – About half of people struggling with alcohol and drug abuse also have co-occurring mental health disorders. If you’ve been abusing opioid painkillers, we’ll assess you for underlying mental health issues like depression and anxiety. If anti-anxiety medication or antidepressants are necessary, you’ll have regular follow-up with our psychiatric team for medication management.

Aftercare planning – When it’s time to return home, each client will have in place a comprehensive and personalized aftercare plan that provides the tools and resources needed to continue their recovery.

* Indicates an ancillary therapy that may require an additional fee and in some cases may be offered offsite.

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