Music Studio

Our music studio provides a comfortable, nurturing setting where clients can explore the therapeutic benefits of music. The building includes both studio space and a recording booth.

This aesthetically pleasing area invites self-expression and creativity with warm, eclectic décor like shag carpets, cushy furniture, wood-paneled walls, mid-century lamps, numerous instruments and large windows that overlook our scenic campus. Call 888-879-1289 to learn more about our music studio.

Onsite Tools and Instruments

Our music studio includes the following instruments:

  • Acoustic Guitar (Martin)
  • Electric Guitar (Epiphone)
  • Drum Set (Pearl) w/ Zildjian Cymbals
  • Yamaha Electric Piano
  • Mac Computer
  • Logic Recording Software
  • Garage Band Recording Software
  • Midi Capability
  • Bluebird and Shure Microphones
  • Additional Percussion Instruments
  • 2 Timbalas (Korg)
  • Djembes, Tambourine
  • Dumbek, Talking Drum
  • Ocean Drum Finger Cymbals
  • Buffalo Drum
  • Maracas, Agogo Bells
  • Bongos, 5 Frame Drums
  • Cabasa Mounted Castanets
  • Triangle
  • Wood Block
  • Claves
  • Guiro

Clients are welcome to bring their own instruments and gear as well.

To learn more about Clarity Way treatment center, contact us at 888-879-1289.

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