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Art Studio

Clients have the opportunity to use our art studio in their free time to create a paintings, pottery, collages, and other projects.  Some of our therapists also integrate art projects into individual and group therapy.

Clarity Way Art Studio – A Creative Setting

Our art studio provides a safe, accepting space where clients can feel vulnerable and work on art, no matter what their previous experience with art has been. Large, windowed doors open to hard wood floors, a long, welcoming table, comfortable chairs and stools, and cabinets and shelves filled with art supplies. An accent wall is warmly decorated with art therapy pieces donated by former clients at Clarity Way drug rehab center.

This airy space is stocked with a range of materials needed to explore art and feelings in whatever way resonates with a client. Clients are encouraged to use the art studio during group and individual sessions and during their personal time.

Art Materials

Our art studio includes materials such as:

  • Paints, including watercolors or acrylics
  • Canvases
  • Murals (outdoor and indoor)
  • Clay
  • Pottery wheel
  • Markers, crayons, colored pencils and pastels
  • Materials for making collages
  • Mandalas


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