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Addiction is a disease that profoundly affects both clients and their loved ones. As part of our customized approach to treatment, couples therapy is integrated into our drug and alcohol rehab program by request of the client and as clinically appropriate.

Our Approach to Couples Counseling

We understand that loved ones of those addicted to drugs or alcohol face tremendous emotional and interpersonal challenges. Both the addicted individual and their spouse/partner must recover in order to repair the damage of addiction and foster a supportive, respectful relationship. Our specially trained, licensed counselors help our clients’ loved ones learn how to support the addicted individual in recovery while also learning to take care of themselves and their needs, embarking on their own recovery journey as well.

Our clients work in individual therapy to begin addressing the complex issues that surround addiction and relationships. This work starts in one-on-one sessions with their primary therapist and is enhanced as needed with couples therapy that includes the spouse or partner. Sessions can be held in person or via teleconference if distance prevents onsite visits. Call 888-879-1289 to learn more about couples counseling.

Goals of Couples Therapy in Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Couples therapy educates and supports both client and partner as they go through the recovery process together.

Goals of couples therapy in drug or alcohol treatment include:

  • Developing better communication skills through active listening and direct, honest expression of feelings and needs
  • Learning healthy problem-solving skills
  • Gaining insight into the underlying emotional, psychological and situational issues that fuel addiction, such as past trauma and co-occurring mental disorders, and how to manage these challenges together
  • Enhancing each person’s understanding of the disease of addiction
  • Recognizing triggers and developing relapse prevention skills
  • Learning ways to better appreciate and support each other

Couples therapy is tailored to each client’s relationship issues and includes personalized resources and recommendations for the partner’s individual healing journey.

Aftercare for Clients and Partners/Spouses

From the first day of treatment, our goal is to help clients gain the insights and recovery skills needed for long-term recovery. We work with clients to create a comprehensive aftercare plan that may include recommendations for further work in couples counseling or individual counseling for both client and partner/spouse.

Get back the person you love. Call us today for a free, confidential consultation: 888-879-1289.

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