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Music therapy is an experiential therapeutic intervention. Through music therapy clients process issues and emotions that might be difficult to verbalize in traditional talk therapy. Music therapy can enhance self-esteem, creativity, communication and interpersonal skills. It can be beneficial both during drug and alcohol inpatient treatment and after, as a healthy form of reflection, self-expression and community.

At Clarity Way drug rehab center, our board-certified music therapist works with clients to integrate music therapy interventions into their customized treatment plan. Approaches consider musical preferences and comfort level. Clients are guided through an interactive therapeutic process that emerges from listening to, creating and/or performing music. Our comfortable, spacious music studio provides a welcoming, accepting setting for clients to work with music and address underlying issues that perpetuate drug addiction. Call 888-879-1289 now to learn about our music studio or click here for information on our music studio.

Benefits of music therapy include the following:

  • Music therapy provides a safe container in which to address deep-seated issues like trauma and difficult experiences that fuel substance abuse and destructive behaviors.
  • Certain approaches in music therapy can promote relaxation and positive thinking, improve concentration, boost the immune system, reduce stress and serve as an emotional release.
  • Musical expression helps clients develop communication skills beyond verbal communication. For example, clients learn the importance of listening to others and also using their own “voice” through the natural “call-and-response” that arises in music.
  • Exploring music in a therapeutic environment can often lead to continued interest in music as a hobby or healthy coping mechanism. This serves as a valuable, sustainable recovery skill.

Music Therapy Approaches

Our music therapist draws upon the four main keystones of music therapy to help clients address issues and explore creative self-expression. These include:

  • Improvisation – Improvisation provides an opportunity for therapist and client to connect with one another, develop trust and identify emotions. Improvisation may involve creating sounds and melodies that represent feelings. It is typically done on the piano, guitar, vocally or with percussive instruments. Client and therapist discuss the meaning behind their projects.
  • Composition – Creating lyrics or music can provide an effective emotional outlet. Clients might compose song lyrics over background music, discuss what lyrics mean, and get support from the therapist and group members. Clients can externalize feelings and issues they’ve been internalizing and enhance self-expression and self-esteem.
  • Receptive Experiences – In receptive experience approaches, clients listen to music and may participate in visualization, relaxation, motivational or stress-reduction techniques. Sometimes receptive experiences involve listening to music or creating “audio-biographies” that reflect life timelines or experiences. Clients might listen to music or create playlists to manage anxiety, relax, feel empowered or explore their addiction in alternative ways.
  • Recreative Experiences – Clients recreate pre-composed music in this approach. Sometimes this process involves rewriting parts of an already existing song and sharing it with their peers. Recreative music therapy experiences can help clients gain insight into feelings and emotions. They provide opportunities for validation, reflection and self-esteem enhancement.

Clients who take part in music therapy at Clarity Way treatment center often find their recovery experience deeply enriched and learn a valuable recovery skill they can use in everyday life.

Call 888-879-1289 to learn more about music therapy and our customized addiction treatment programs.

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