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Neurofeedback (also referred to as neurobiofeedback or neurotherapy) trains the brain to function more effectively and efficiently and has been shown to help improve mood, increase confidence, improve performance and memory, and decrease obsessive, addictive thoughts.

Neurofeedback therapy treats drug and alcohol addiction with the help of a computer software program that first identifies and assesses any imbalances in brain waves or areas of dysfunction. Instantaneous visual and audio feedback then targets these regions, by delivering signals in response to changes in brain activity at these specific sites. This type of feedback actually enhances brain function, by helping the brain to correct imbalances and reprogram itself in healthier ways. Many clients experience improved cognitive and emotional states as a result. Over time these changes can become permanently encoded, fostering better decision-making skills and healthier behaviors in the long run.

Neurotherapy has been used to treat not just addiction but also seizures, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression and ADHD, so it is an especially hopeful treatment option for clients with co-occurring mental health disorders.

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