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Psychodrama is an experiential therapy used with a range of client populations to treat a number of mental health disorders. These may include drug and alcohol addiction and the trauma, grief, interpersonal challenges and attachment issues that often accompany it. Psychodrama can be used as an effective therapeutic intervention in individual, group or family therapy.

During psychodrama sessions, our specially trained psychodrama therapist serves as “the director” helping clients explore and create/recreate past, present or future real-life scenarios. In a group setting, other members serve as the “actors” in this process. Props are often used as well. Clients are guided through concrete situations and circumstances. Through this process they may encounter emotional blocks that psychodrama helps “free up.”

Psychodrama sessions often consist of three parts: a warm-up time, the action itself and a post-discussion to process the experience. Psychodrama techniques like mirroring, doubling, future projection and role reversal help clients address underlying issues and process difficult experiences in a safe, accepting space. Call 888-879-1289 to learn about psychodrama.

Benefits of Psychodrama

Psychodrama is a controlled process where clients feel safe to express feelings or emotions. Clients are encouraged to “give a voice” to certain situations and emotions they have trouble verbalizing in talk therapy.

Psychodrama helps clients:

  • Recreate past, present or future scenarios with individuals or situations that allow them to work on triggers, difficult experiences and unresolved feelings
  • Practice using their voice in situations where they’ve previously felt inhibited or ashamed, or experiences where they feel regret, guilt, anger or remorse
  • Explore boundary issues
  • Engage in techniques such as role reversal, which, for example, can help them vocalize how they’d like to be treated in a relationship
  • Experience vulnerability in a safe, accepting space and under the guidance of a trained professional who can ensure they aren’t overexposed or unstable at the end of a session
  • Explore and address difficult emotions such as guilt, shame, regret, anger and sadness
  • Target unhealthy inner dialogue, underlying personal and interpersonal issues, and internal conflicts that contribute to substance abuse
  • Review and evaluate their behavior in a given situation to more deeply understand how it has affected them and those around them
  • Benefit from emotional release, self-expression and self-discovery

Psychodrama can be combined with other modalities such as dance therapy, art therapy, music therapy and Reiki energy work. These approaches can work in conjunction with one another to provide comprehensive healing opportunities.

Contact Clarity Way drug rehab center today at 888-879-1289 to learn more about psychodrama therapy and our individualized treatment programs.

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