Psychotherapy explores the roots of drug and alcohol addiction, helping clients recognize and process issues and circumstances that have fueled their addiction, increase their sense of well-being and improve their chances of lasting sobriety.

In psychotherapy at Clarity Way drug and alcohol rehab, dual diagnosis disorders like depression and anxiety as well as underlying issues like post-traumatic stress disorder and complex trauma are addressed. Often these issues are significant enough to hinder clients’ day-to-day living and can drive substance use disorders. Regular, intensive therapy sessions with a psychotherapist help clients gain an understanding of  issues that have led to their addiction, which they can continue to work on once inpatient care ends.

Therapeutic approaches used at Clarity Way treatment center include various methods for improving interpersonal communication and developing coping skills, such as process groups, written exercises, artwork, drama, play therapy, music and more. This verbal, visual and kinesthetic variety helps clients explore which therapies best address their individual needs and provides them opportunities to find healthier ways of relating to others.

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